A modern twist on the classic bao from Bao Yum

Fusion food has been around for a while now but I still love the creative crossed cuisines that continue to burst onto London’s food scene, especially when they taste this good. The ONE Group, the global leader in vibe dining, this year opened its debut venture: Bao Yum. Launched in the summer and located in The Westminster London, Curio Collection by Hilton, Bao Yum brings a whimsical, American twist on the urban chic Asian street food classic.

The menu is impressively expansive, serving a variety of open and closed bao, alongside salads, soups, sandwiches and breakfasts. If you want something nice, comforting and warm for the winter months, start off with the miso soup – it’s delicious – and for the warmer months or if you’re simply after a nutritious lunch packed with healthy protein and superfoods, look no further than the poke bowl, with salmon, edamame and sushi rice. 

But, of course, this places takes their name after their specialty. Those hot, fresh and handmade bao buns, coming in a mixture of sweet and savoury options mean that there’s a bao for absolutely everyone, any time of the day. Diners can pick and choose between a range of unique, contemporary and delicious, tasty fillings and it’s recommended that you order a few different ones to fill up on.

I went all out fusion food by ordering the Cheeseburger, which I thought was superb. You might not think that it works but it really, really does. Other fillings include Kung Pao Shrimp, Chicken Satay and Lobster Salad to name a few, while sweet bao fillings include Sweet Custard or Cheesecake & Raspberry

Of the open bao options, the one that stood out for me was the one that the waitress recommended and which is said to be the most popular: the Nashville Hot Fried Chicken. Again, fusing in that American element. I was expecting it to blow my head off and it didn’t, surprisingly. It had a nice heat to it, which made it all the more enjoyable. The spiciness didn’t overpower the taste, as can often happen.

Having visited on the cusp of Halloween recently, I was also fortunate enough to sample their limited edition specials: cute bao buns masked in edible costumes sandwiching delicious lobster. They looked amazing and tasted so good. 10 out of 10 for aesthetic and taste.

This Thanksgiving there will be more limited edition bao buns to savour. Handmade, soft, pillowy clouds of seasonal goodness will be served up. Bao Yum’s exclusive Thanksgiving Bao (£6.99 / two bao box) bursts with flavours from this famous North American holiday, but with a magical Bao Yum twist, of course. Nestled within each featherlight bun will lie slices of succulent turkey breast and aromatic sweet roasted squash, invigorated by a piquant blackcurrant gel for a perfectly balanced finish. Keep an eye out for them as they’ll only be sticking around for just one week! 

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, visitors can “Grab & Go”, dine in or order for delivery. The dishes are perfectly accompanied by a selection of drinks too. Think barista-made coffees, sweet iced teas, juices, beer, wine and gin; I’d recommend the homemade lemonade. 

For more information visit baoyum.com