Alinea, Chicago

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Alinea, Chicago
Alinea dining room

Alinea, Chicago

Those seeking an exquisite, unique and memorable dining experience must visit Alinea, which is the only restaurant in Chicago, and one of twelve in the USA, to earn the Michelin 3-Star rating. Since opening in 2005, it has also been named Best Restaurant in America an impressive three times and has become one of the most decorated and praised establishments around the world.

Founded by Nick Kokonas and acclaimed Head Chef Grant Achatz, the restaurant is famed for the innovative approach taken to modernist cuisine and the deconstruction of classic flavours. The menu features a single, seasonally driven tasting menu between 18 and 22 courses, with the founders constantly striving to rethink and evolve the Alinea experience. Patrons will be treated to an eclectic range of luxurious, whimsical, thought provoking and colourful dishes, ensuring that this is as much an exhibition and culinary adventure as it is a cutting-edge dining experience. Envisioned by Achatz, this is a chef that is considered a pioneer in molecular gastronomy and progressive cuisine, seeing his work earn him “Best Chef in the United States” in 2008 from the James Beard Foundation, amongst dozens of other impressive accolades.

Whilst the artistry and taste will have you thinking for days after your experience, the service and ambience must also be highlighted. You will be guided from course to course by well presented, friendly waiters who are determined to make your evening as enjoyable as possible. This all unfolds in the stylish and sophisticated dining room with muted décor, helping to punctuate the bold, lavish colours and intricate designs that you find with each new dish arriving from the kitchen.

Sensual, daring and avant-garde, Alinea is a wonderful experience and worthy of its exceptional list of awards and highest possible rating from the Michelin Guide.