Dim sum fit for a king

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Dim sum fit for a king

Dim sum fit for a king

Dim sum lovers need look no further than Royal China, of which there are six locations to dine in around London – such is the quality and the high demand. The locations include Queensway, Harrow, Fulham, Docklands and Baker Street, which is home to two branches, one of which is Royal China Club – the premier restaurant of the group.

I recently dined in Royal China Baker Street and was charmed by its characterful luxe, somewhat slightly dated but still decadent in its dignity. Charmed even more so by the efficient (they were extremely busy) and friendly service provided.

What sets these succulent steamed dumplings apart from its rivals is the sheer range available. Seafood lovers should consider the prawn and chive, the prawn and coriander (unless you’re one of those people that hates this particular herb!) or the scallops. All three are sublime. The classics are on there too (chicken and mushroom, and pork) if you know what you like and want to keep it that way. But if you’re more adventurous, then why not try the chicken feet marinated in rice wine?

Also on the menu is Cheung Fun – a rice noodle roll originating from southern China. The range includes a prawn, beef and vegetarian, but I’d recommend the honey roast pork and the plain Cheung Fun in peanut sauce.

There’s an a la carte menu for heartier meals. I ordered my favourite Chinese dish: the chicken and black bean sauce with a side dish of noodles and it was excellent. Packed full of flavour and served to you by the staff that bring it to your table. Now that’s service!

I don’t much care that this is a cliche, but the proof is in how popular the place was for midweek, there wasn’t a single table spare. And I can now understand why.

For more information visit theroyalchina.co.uk