Get date night ready this Valentines Day with HK LONDON and Zen hair extensions

As a genuine hair extension addict who has had my hair ‘enhanced’ for the last ten or so years, I know good hair extensions when I see them.

I’ve always heard good things about Zen hair and every time I have used their extensions I have walked out of the salon happy and gleefully swinging my freshly attached glossy locks from side to side as if I’m auditioning for a Pantene advert.

So when I had to redo my hair to look fabulous for the beginning of 2020, I immediately contacted Zen to see how they can help.

This popular hair extension company offers 100% virgin remy hair in three different categories – Pure Series, Luxury Series and Ultimate Series. I opted for the Ultimate Series which is the most luxurious and high quality option.

After making the order online, two packs of hair arrived promptly by courier and I was amazed at how silky and shiny the hair was.

I had arranged to have the hair attached and styled at one of my favourite London salons – HK LONDON on the Kings Road, named after its renowned artistic director Hakan Kose.

HK LONDON – the place where hair dreams happen

Launched lavishly in 2017, this modern, 2-floor pamper palace has become a go-to destination for artistic hairdressing in London where clients can also treat themselves to professional make up application, glossy manicures, pedicures and threading.

I arrived at the salon early in the afternoon with my Zen hair neatly stored in my bag. I was immediately made to feel welcome and showered in good old fashioned Turkish hospitality.

As I settled into a comfy chair and sipped copious cups of hot mint tea, the team got to work at removing my old extensions before washing and conditioning my hair – soothing scalp massage included.

One of HK LONDON’s expert colourists then expertly coloured my hair to perfectly match my extensions – essential for that “omg babe I couldn’t tell they were extensions” natural look.

Inside Kings Road’s famous pamper palace

After another quick blow-dry, the I-Tip Zen hair extensions were applied one by one by an experienced hair extension technician who used heat to gently fuse the bonds to sections of my natural hair.

A few hours later, my shoulder length hair was gloriously down to my waist. A few stylish snips here and there and a big bouncy blow dry completely my Valentines Day date ready hair.

In the days and weeks following the application of my Zen hair extensions, I was impressed at how silky the hair remained. I have to say they were the most natural looking extensions I had tried in all my ten years of hair extending.

Maintenance is easy. I just brush, wash and style my hair as normal and make sure to tie my hair up before I sleep and give it a good brush to detangle after frolicking in the sea – salt water and the sun can be detrimental to hair extensions.

Most importantly, they have lasted me two months and still look as sleek, healthy and natural as the first day I had them applied – perfect for the most romantic day of the year when a bad hair is out of the question.

After application
2 months post application

Main image: Asha Wall 

Mitra Wicks

Editor in Chief