How one visit to Lash Perfect for lash extensions changed my life

The title of this article may seem dramatic, but it’s exactly how I feel about my exciting new delve into the lash extensions world.

After one visit to get a gorgeous set of glossy Russian lashes applied in Mayfair’s most beloved lash clinic – Lash Perfect, my daily life as I know it was never the same. In a really good way.

The salon is chic and inviting, with comfortable treatment beds, glossy mirrors and staff members who are friendly and welcoming.

After laying down and explaining to my lash technician the look I wanted to achieve (dramatic, fluffy long Bambi lashes), she got to work, meticulously applying ultra-fine synthetic lashes to my existing lashes.

Where the magic happens

A gel pad was applied to my under eye area and I was told to keep my eyes shut for the duration of the one hour session – perfect for a spot of relaxing meditation after a long day frolicking around Oxford Street.

I had asked for 4D lashes for a fanned out, dramatic look, and after an hour of lying down doing nothing whatsoever but half falling asleep, my new lashes were ready to coo over in the mirror.

And coo over them I did as soon as I gazed at my glamorous new look. Long, fluffy lashes perfectly framed my eyes making them appear larger and yes, more Bambi-like.

I was given an aftercare information pack to learn how to care for my lashes – it’s vital to clean them with a suitable oil and alcohol-free cleanser regularly, not get them wet for 24 hours after application and never to use oil-containing eye make up products.

After heeding this warning, I bought a Lash Perfect oil-free liquid eyeliner, because for me  perfectly drawn slinky cat eyes is life.

My lashes lasted 2- 3 weeks before I was in need of another top up treatment – you can choose from 15 minutes to a hour and a half (I opted for 30 minutes), and I was ecstatic at how I didn’t need to spend ages getting ready any more.

After 3 months of wearing lash extensions, I can honestly say they are true game changers. Gone are the days of faffing about with mascara wands or infuriating false lash strips which never seem to stay on – so often found half dangling from my eyelid at embarrassing moments in public.

Can you tell I got ready in just 30 minutes?

Now it takes me moments to get ready, and even during my stay-at-home PJ days where I can’t be bothered to do anything to my face, I get to still feel that little bit more fabulous.

Did lash extensions really change my life – damn right they did.




Mitra Wicks

Editor in Chief