Innovative Indian cuisine to awaken your Chakra

After seven years of loyal customer devotion in its Kensington neighbourhood, Chakra recently underwent a refurbishment and brought in a new team of chefs to introduce a totally new and innovative menu.

Chakra’s founder, Arjun Varma decided it was time to not just upgrade the flagship restaurant but also introduce a new venue in Kingston later this summer, as well as bring in Chakra To Go, which is a delivery service across London.

The 70-seater Kensington location displays the Chakra symbol subtly throughout the restaurant, both on the ceiling cornicing and the floor tiles. Even the new colour palate is a reflection of India’s rich history, with emerald green, gold and purple having a presence.

The Chakra Spice cocktail is a sure-fire way of awakening your palette (if you like spice), since it’s made with green chillis, which are nicely balanced out with fresh raspberries and mint.

For starters on the summer menu, try the Samundari Khazana. You’ll find fresh water prawn, Atlantic sea scallop and squid nicely balanced with South Indian spices and complimented with a passion fruit sauce. The Curry Burrata is delicious, certainly an interesting take on an Italian classic. But if you prefer the traditional with a slight modern twist, then try the samosa, which is served with a refreshing tamarind sauce and yoghurt.

We mixed traditional with modern again when it came to mains, ordering a Lucknowi lamb kebab, a lamb rogan josh and poussin that had been marinated in cheddar, black pepper, yoghurt, ginger and garlic. The kebab has a devilish kick, while the rogan josh is nicely cooked with little hits of chilli coming through. The poussin, for me, was excellent. Beautifully finished and not dry, as chicken can often become.

Overall it’s exciting times ahead for Chakra and certainly worth a visit if you’re a fan of Indian food as much as I am.

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