M Victoria is now offering a Meatless Menu in their world-class steak restaurant

If Veganuary is proving to be a little too challenging, but you still want to make a conscious effort to eat less meat, then we’ve found a great menu to try at RAW, M Victoria Street. Their brand new ‘Meatless Menu’ has been designed especially for those looking for a much-needed detox following the indulgent festive period.

This specially crafted menu – curated by M Restaurant’s Culinary Director, Michael Reid – offers vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and pescatarian options. Championing the purity of both sustainable seafood and plant-based dishes, Reid takes visitors on a creative culinary journey through Japan, Hawaii and Australia.

Among the highlights in the Small Plates is the Tuna Tartare, an exquisite blend of sea grape, jalapeno mayo, shisho leaves and Japanese pickled cucumber, and the Salmon Sashimi, which is beautifully presented.

As for the bowls, the Poke options are excellent, but the real standout is the Mushroom Ramen. The broth – served separately, which you pour on yourself – is absolutely delicious. It’s warming, comforting and has so much flavour. Perfect for these cold winter months and offering the ultimate ‘feel good’ vibe that Reid set out to accomplish.

“I designed the menu for those who love what they eat; it truly is a love and take care of yourself menu,” explains Reid.

Martin Williams, Founder of M Restaurants, added that, “This new menu served at RAW, M Victoria Street is all about the purity of natural ingredients from farm and sea. Diners want a restaurant quality menu, which advocates sustainability and clean eating. I am delighted that the M RAW menu offers this.”

As well as those partaking in Veganuary or simply choosing to eat healthier are those who have taken up Dry January. For this M Restaurants have partnered up with acclaimed wine writer, Matthew Jukes to launch his ‘Cordiality’, offering non–alcoholic, natural drinks with fewer calories. Jukes’ Cordialities are designed for people who want to maintain their high standards of taste when they are not indulging in alcohol. Visitors will simply mix Jukes Cordialities with still, sparkling or tonic water, to suit their own desired taste and to feel guilt-free this month.

Matthew Jukes commented: “I have never found a sophisticated, non-alcoholic, adult drink that is genuinely satisfying, so I decided to make my own. I’m delighted to be launching at the highly innovative RAW, M Victoria Street.”

M Restaurants have always been famous for world-class beef and the multi-award-winning Grill Restaurant remains a firm favourite for discerning steak diners, while the selection of wine on offer is outstanding. The special ‘Meatless Menu’ offering is available for both lunch and dinner until Friday 14th February 2020.

Fore more information visit mrestaurants.co.uk/victoria