Healthy rotisserie chicken at Cocotte

The shameless chicken lovers of London (you know who you are) will probably be aware of a recent feisty flummox of posh KFC and Nandos style eateries across the city. The ardent love of chicken is rife and savvy restaurateurs with a knack for spotting trends and a fondness for full pockets are cashing in.  These seductively lit, graffiti adorned joints boast healthier fried drumsticks or spit roasted free range birds, smothered in sexy seasonings – arriving at the table with skin-on potato wedges and perfectly on-trend raw coleslaw, or an Instagram-friendly salad primarily composed of avocado.

The latest contender to the scene is Cocotte – a slick, inviting rotisserie restaurant based in Westbourne Grove, serving the juiciest roast chickens, wholesome colourful salads and comforting side dishes to soothe the foodie souls of even the fussiest diners. After dining at this fine establishment recently, we’d even go as far as to say they’re head and shoulders (and wings) above the rest (oh the joy of chicken puns…).

Walk in to this simple yet chic joint from bustling West London streets and you’ll be greeted by stylish, minimalist decor and the glorious sight of numerous plump chickens rotating on a spit. These particular free range birds hail from a picturesque French farm in La Chapelle d’Andaine and have spent their lives merrily frolicking about in open fields between hearty feeds of natural noms such as vegetables and corn.

Once at Cocotte they are generously marinated for 24 hours in a watertight secret recipe of flavoursome herbs and spices before being slowly spit roasted and brought proudly to the table with your choice of sides, which can only be described as otherworldly. We were instantly enamoured with the insanely creamy Mashed Potatoes, the euphoria inducing, truffle infused Mac n Cheese and the Nathalie Salad – a pleasing pile of kale, roasted yellow peppers, pumpkin seeds and tahini – deliciously doused with fresh lime juice and nutty walnut oil.

Those partial to a bit of sauce will be spoilt for choice with the tempting options of Garlic Mayo, BBQ, Cocotte Mustard, Chicken Gravy (also available in a badass spicy version), Green Sauce and Truffle Mayo.

After such bountiful feasting it may seem almost impossible to make room for pudding, yet we insist you persevere and order the Mango Mochi – a random yet exciting ice-cream filled dumpling (other fruity flavours are available), or for pure indulgence – the sticky date and coconut cake, which made us feel like we were visiting someones nan from up North known for their love of baking with exotic influences.

Trust us on this one – your slightly more prominent belly will be worth it.

Cocotte, 95 Westbourne Grove, W2 4UW, London


Mitra Wicks

Editor in Chief