STK, Ibiza

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STK, Ibiza

STK, Ibiza

STK, Ibiza

The sultry steak chain known as STK recently opened a brand spanking new restaurant in Ibiza and 7 Star Life was happy visit whilst gallivanting at various closing parties last month.

Upon arriving, we marveled at the eclectic, street style decor and buzzing atmosphere. The crowd was all dressed up to the nines – think Louboutins, body hugging Herve Ledger dresses and immaculately groomed party boys.

We were escorted to a table with a perfect view of the stage as legendary fire performer Arabella Drummond wowed the audience with her mesmerizing dance routine.

Although hard to peel our eyes away from such a visually pleasant display, we managed to inspect the menu, which contained far too many alluring dishes for us to choose from, so we decided to sample a variety of culinary creations.

Not one to shy away from fine meats, we devoured a platter of mini truffle topped beef burgers – which tasted as if they had been created by the divine meat gods after partaking in a special meaty jig.

The soft shell crab burgers arrived decadently laden with pungent wasabi remoulade and tangy pickled ginger – a true taste bud tantalizer. The phones started coming out once the Instagram friendly tuna tartare was brought to the table – picturesquely nestled on an attractive bed of silky smooth green avocado.

Next came the shamelessly juicy sirloin and wagyu steaks, which we drenched with creamy béarnaise and blue cheese sauces. The meat was melt-in-the-mouth tender and oozing with flavour, so we devoured every last bite. We may have to go as far as to say they were some of the finest steaks we have ever tasted.

The fluffy yet crisp Parmesan truffle chips that accompanied our marvelously meaty meal were so divine, their naughty presence caused a slight kerfuffle at the table as we unashamedly fought for the last one.

Just when we thought our rapidly expanding waistlines couldn’t take any more, we were gleefully presented with an array of tempting puddings.

Our favourites were the buttery toffee coated popcorn and the nostalgic mini bottles of chocolate milk complete with stripy straws that induced sugar-tinted memories of our dessert-loving childhoods.

We can’t think of a better way to end such an epic meal…

STK Ibiza has closed until Spring 2017, yet fret not as steak-aficionados can gorge away at their chic London venue in the ME Hotel at The Strand.

Mitra Wicks

Editor in Chief