2018 – The Year of the Immersive Theatre/Game

If 2017 was the year of the escape room experience, then 2018 is all about the immersive theatre / game experience. And leading the way is The Grift.

Staged in the iconic Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green, The Grift hosts up to 50 people per show. Guests are introduced to the mission while sipping on drinks before getting divided into groups and cracking on.

Along the way, every group will meet a number of characters linked to the mission who will train you and help you take down the villain known as The Hammer. You’ll need to test your wits to solve clues and pull off the ultimate swindle. Scams you’ll be involved in include The Pig In The Poke, the Round-The-Corner and The Money Swap.

You’ll get to enjoy a free cocktail during the game/theatre experience, which is fantastic at hitting the spot. At the end of the mission, you can head back to the bar to order another or explore more of the seasonal drinks available.

Hungry? Then consider dining in to further enhance your experience. Expect dishes such as slow cooked venison shoulder and Vacherin fondue.

It’s a fun-filled experience that throws you right into the heart of the action right from the get-go.

For more information visit thegrift.co.uk