7*Life’s Ultimate luxury guide to Christmas 2023

It’s that time of year again where our hearts are filled with festive glee and our minds are full of copious condundrums about what gifts to buy who and what foods should adorn our Christmas dinner tables. Other perplexing questions like “Can you buy too much cheese” (no) and can you have too may Christmas lights (also no) are also swimming merrily around our minds so any form of clarity is very much appreciated.

At 7*Life, we believe Christmas should be as gloriously frivolous and joyous as can be and understand the overwhelm, so we have compiled a handy guide on how you can achieve such pleasing festive pomp with ease. Take a look at our joyous selection of heartwarming luxury gifts, Christmas essentials, exciting foods, trees and more.

Remember to eat, drink and be merry – just make it 7 Star….

Pines and Needles: A Tree Fit for Royalty

No Christmas is complete without a magnificent tree, and Pines and Needles deliver the epitome of festive elegance. Their handpicked, freshly cut Christmas trees are the perfect adornment for your luxurious home, evoking the enchantment of a winter wonderland. We had the pleasure of giving a loving home to a bountiful Nordmann Fir, which arrived last week in its majestic 7ft glory, transforming our living room into heartwarmingly festive haven. After trying out many Christmas tree companies, Pines and Needles really is a cut above the rest and never disappoints.

On the Table Hampers: culinary extravagance

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, On the Table Hampers brings you culinary delights curated to perfection. Gift a bespoke hamper filled with artisanal cheeses, raw honey, rustic crackers and the finest wine. Alternatively, bring one to your Christmas dinner party for an indulgent spread that will leave your guests in awe. We love the New Home Owners and Grazing Board Gift Set in particular, filled lovingly with British Box cheese, charcuterie and Food and Forrest Honey, cinnamon cashews and a bottle of medium-bodied Turi Rosso wine.

Shift Cam SnapGrip Creator Kit: Unleash your inner photographer

Capture the magic of the season with Shift Cam’s creative SnapGrip Creator Set – complete with everything needed to create mesmerising content on your phone.This handy device magicallymounts and connects to your smartphone so you can snap, grip and shoot in seconds for high quality, shake-free photos and videos every time. Use the SnapPod as a tripod or selfie stick and the SnapLight – a magnetic LED light to create professional content to elevate your social media game this festive season. It also makes the perfect gift for that savvy content creator in your life.

Champagne Castelnau: For a festive toast with loved ones 

Elevate your festive toasts with the refined taste of Champagne Castelnau. Crafted with precision and care, this champagne embodies the spirit of celebration. Hailing from the lush heart of Reims, within 809 hectares of vineyards, this very special champagne has been aged for a minimum of 5 years for a real depth of flavour. Gift a bottle to a friend or family member who appreciates the finer nuances of life, or serve it at your Christmas dinner to make the evening truly unforgettable.

Lilly Puds: Decadent desserts for the Christmas feating table

Christmas desserts reach new heights with Lilly Puds. These artisanal Christmas puddings are a delectable blend of tradition and innovation. Made with the finest fruits and with minimal sugar, these traditional festive sweet treats are also available in tasty gluten free versions for everyone will be happy around the Christmas dinner table. A box of Lilly Puds makes for an exquisite gift, or serve one as the crowning glory of your festive feast for a sweet ending that will linger in the memory long after the festivities are over.

Blake Mill Shirts: tailored elegance for stylish Christmas parties 

Dress to impress this holiday season with Blake Mill Shirts. Crafted from the finest fabrics and tailored to perfection, these shirts exude sophistication. A meticulously wrapped Blake Mill shirt is a thoughtful gift for the fashion-conscious gentleman in your life, ensuring he stands out at every festive gathering. We love the gift-ready ornate Christmas boxes they arrive in.

Soundcore Speakers: Play those Christmas classics wherever you go

Set the perfect ambience for your Christmas festivities with Soundcore Speakers. Delivering impeccable sound quality, these speakers are a gift that keeps on giving and can be taken with you anywhere you need a mini party. Whether hosting a party or enjoying a quiet evening by the fireplace, these speakers enhance the magic of the season with your favourite tunes. Last Christmas by Wham on repeat anyone?

Baked by Steph Iced Biscuits: edible artistry

Turn your Christmas treats into works of art with Baked by Steph’s iced biscuits. These handcrafted delights are not just delicious but also beautifully designed, making them an ideal gift or a charming addition to your holiday dessert table. Give as a gloriously creative gift or elevate your festive spread with these edible masterpieces that are almost too pretty to eat. We will still eat them of course, because that’s how we roll (and roll and roll).

Niré’ Artistry Set: The perfect gift for make up pros

Get ready for that long awaited Christmas party with Niré’s picture-perfect brush collection — the Rose Gold & Pink Artistry Set. Featuring limited edition soft-pink handles and rose gold ferrules, this multi-award winning collection of pro make-up brushes contains 7 classic brushes for the eyes, five for the face, and a bonus Niré Blending Sponge in delightful baby pink. The brushes also come in a glamourous storage capsule to keep all brushes lovingly protected – in style. Perfect as a gift for that perfectly made up person in your life.

The Frances Women’s Trench Coat in tan suede 

This ultra elegant suede coat is a true showstopper and the perfect gift for your chic-dressing loved ones. We love the idea of this gorgeous coat paired with white jeans and tall boots finished with a rather dashing fedora hat. Also the ideal Christmas present to yourself, this effortlessly sassy trench will take you stylishly through the rest of winter. Slip it on, buckle it up, and exude gloriously understated glamour on city streets or idyllic country lanes.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer: make those culinary masterpieces in cult style 

Unleash your inner chef with the KitchenAid Stand Mixer. This iconic kitchen appliance is a must-have for anyone passionate about baking and cannot be beaten in terms of its baked-good making excellence. Gift it to the home chef in your life, or use it to create show-stopping desserts and bread for your festive gatherings. We adore the brand spanking new colour Agave, which will add a refined elegance to any kitchen this glorious time of year.

Tracklements Chutney Gift Set: condiment perfection

Add a touch of gourmet flair to your holiday feasts with Tracklements Chutney Gift Set. These artisanal chutneys and relishes are the perfect accompaniments to your Christmas spread. Gift a set to a food connoisseur or use them to elevate your own festive meals. We are obsessed with the shamelessly festive spiced plum chutney which works perfectly with a serious slab of English Mature cheddar,

Microplane Master Series Large Shaver: precision in every grate

For the discerning cook, Microplane Graters are a game-changer. The new large shaver is perfect for grating generous shavings of parmesan or chocolate, adding a smug professional flair to your festive dishes. A thoughtful gift for the culinary enthusiast or a practical addition to your own kitchen arsenal, these graters are truly a cut above the rest.

The Great British Porridge Co: Christmas morning indulgence

Start your Christmas mornings on a luxurious note with The Great British Porridge Co. Crafted from the cleanest, health-promoting ingredients with no refined sugar, these 100% natural porridge blends are a wholesome and delicious way to kickstart your day. Gift a set to a health-conscious friend or savour them yourself as a delightful breakfast option during the festive season. We adore all flavours but are particularly excited about the especially festive apple and cinnamon limited edition winter warmer.

Eufy Clean Robot Hoover: hover your home this festive season without moving

Who has time for tiresome hoovering during the festive period? Ensure your home sparkles during the holidays with the Eufy Clean Robot Hoover – without lifting a finger! This intelligent cleaning companion effortlessly maps out and navigates your space, leaving it spotless for your festive celebrations. Gift it to someone who values a pristine home or enjoy the convenience it brings to your own holiday preparations.

The Langham Pom Beanie 

The perfect gift for those who love to feel extra snug and warm when it’s cold outside, this super soft beanie by quintessentially English knitwear brand Hicks & Brown is comfortable to wear all day long.  It’s stretch makes it a one-size-fits-all, the cable knit detailing is truly adorable and the softest faux fur pom is a delight to look at. This quaint brand’s subtle antique brass bird pin completes this beanie and gives it an extra elegant touch.

Womersley Luxury Jams Gift Box: spread the festive joy

Transform your Christmas breakfast or afternoon tea with Womersley Jam. This gift box is a symphony of flavours, showcasing the finest jams crafted with minimal sugar We adore this charming set featuring a warming raspberry and chilli jam and a jam made with festive notes of blackcurrant and rosemary. Share the joy by gifting this set or elevate your own holiday table with these exquisite preserves.

Wonderful Pistachios: gourmet snacking 

Elevate your snacking experience with Wonderful Pistachios. These premium pistachios truly are wonderful and are not only a healthy treat but also a versatile ingredient for festive recipes. Pistachio and cardamon cookies anyone? Gift a jar to a health-conscious friend or serve them in stylish bowls during your Christmas gatherings.

Fhirst Healthy Sodas: Festive, gut-friendly refreshments

Toast to good health and indulgence with Fhirst Healthy Sodas. These all-natural, low-calorie sodas are the perfect beverage for the proudly sober guests at your Christmas celebrations and contain impressive clean ingredients to boost your gut health such as living probiotic cultures, prebiotic plant fibre and zinc – for an added immune system boost at this virus-laden time of year. Gift a selection to your health-conscious friends or serve them at your festive dinner party for guilt-free refreshment with body-loving benefits.

De Nadas Empanadas: To give your festive dinner party a Argentinian flair 

Add a touch of international fabulousness to your festive table with De Nadas Empanadas. These handcrafted delights are a culinary journey in every bite. Gift a selection to a foodie friend or serve them as addictive appetisers at your Christmas gathering for a unique and delightful twist. We tried a selection of these glorious baked goods at a recent festive event and were seriously impressed with the delicious pastry and temping fillings. Our favourites included the creamy chicken, classic beef, festive Turkeynada and an exciting vegetarian caprese option of melted mozzarella and tangy tomato. Halal options were also on offer which we thought was a very thoughtful touch.

Vanda’s Kitchen Caterers: Stress-free hosting

Take the stress out of hosting this party season with Vanda’s Kitchen caterers. Whether you’re planning an intimate family gathering or a lavish Christmas soiree, their bespoke catering services ensure a memorable dining experience with the finest organic dishes, cakes, snack and healthy juices. We love their perfectly moist lemon drizzle cakes and array of refined sugar and vegan brownies, including some made with sweet potatoes for a much needed health kick at this time of year. Their freshly pressed juices and smoothies are all made with organic produce so are merely pesticide free and all taste incredible. Treat yourself and your guests to culinary excellence this festive period without lifting a finger.

HaPPi Hot Chocolate Bombes: for decadent vegan hot chocolates 

Warm up your winter nights with HaPPi Hot Chocolate Bombes. These indulgent cocoa creations are a luxurious treat for chocolate lovers and come filled with sweet vegan micromallows that come to life when you add hot water or your favourite vegan milk. Gift a box to someone with a sweet tooth or serve them at your Christmas Eve gathering for a delightful and visually stunning hot chocolate experience.

Ombar Spiced Orange Hazelnut Truffle Chocolate: The (plant based) taste of Christmas

In the 7*Life office we are rather obsessed with the dairy free, raw chocolates made by Ombar. Crafted from clean, organic ingredients and rich in antioxidants, these sweet treats truly are a guilt-free delight. Gift a selection to a loved one, or savour the various flavours yourself this festive season. We love their fabulously Christmassy spiced orange and hazelnut truffle raw cacao bar – perfect for eating whilst watching bad Christmas films and filling stockings of the chocoholics in your life.


Melt Chocolates Chocolate Making Workshops: the perfect gift for chocoholics

For a unique and interactive experience, gift a Melt Chocolates Chocolate Making Workshop to you cocoa-loving loved one. Or unleash your own creativity for the festive season and learn the art of crafting exquisite chocolates. Held at a quaint chocolate shop in London’s charming Notting Hill, this educational class is ideal for the aspiring chocolatier or to enjoy with family and friends as a delightful group activity during the Christmas season. Melt also do a fabulous raw cacao ceremony in their very own outdoor yurt – complete with meditative chanting and gloriously fluffy hats.


Polarn O Pyret Matching Family Pyjamas: cozy Christmas evenings

Create unforgettable family moments with Polarn O Pyret’s matching family festive pyjamas. These cozy sets are not just sleepwear; they’re a festive tradition in the making. Made with super soft organic cotton and designed in a variety of festive patterns, these charming pyjama sets are perfect for all day lounging by the whole family. Gift a set to your cozy clothes-loving loved ones or enjoy the warmth and togetherness they bring to your own Christmas evenings.

Burgh Island Hotel: get away from it all in an Art Deco-themed  Devonshire paradise 

For those seeking a luxurious escape from the stresses Christmas brings, family drama and all, Burgh Island Hotel offers the perfect escape. Nestled in a picturesque Devonshire setting, complete with scenic sea views, this iconic hotel provides an intimate and enchanting retreat. Enjoy live music on Christmas Eve before opening your presents found under one of the hotel’s elaborately decorated trees. You can even open your stockings which can be hung overnight in the restaurant (just ask the hotel’s elves), ready to be opened over breakfast. An extravagant Christmas lunch and candlelit supper in the Grand Ballroom on Christmas Day itself is set to be a magical, stress-free experience. Boxing Day is a day of laughter and merriment with a quiz by Elf Vladimir, a special dinner and live evening entertainment. Gift a stay to someone special or treat yourself – because who wants another argument with Uncle Derek over another overcooked turkey?

Noel Jewellery: elegance in every sparkle

No Christmas is complete without a touch of sparkle, and Noel Jewellery delivers elegance in every piece. Gift a stunning jewel to a loved one or adorn yourself with their exquisite creations for a festive touch of luxury. Their diamond encrusted crosses and eye-catching geometric silver designs are delightedly gender-neutral and are sure to turn heads wherever you go this festive season.


Simba Cooling Body Pillow: comfortable luxury for long festive slumbers 

Indulge in the ultimate comfort whilst watching your favourite Christmas movies with the Simba Cooling Body Pillow. Gift it to someone in need of a good night’s sleep or enjoy the luxurious support it provides for yourself. Perfect for pregnant people or anyone who loves extra comfort, this wonder pillow will ensure your festive season is not only joyful but also delightfully restful.

KitchenAid Toaster and Kettle: stylish breakfast essentials

Upgrade your breakfast routine with the new KitchenAid Toaster and Kettle. These stylish appliances not only add a touch of elegance to your kitchen but also ensure a perfect start to your Christmas morning. Gift a set to a quality appliance-loving friend or treat yourself to these breakfast essentials for a luxurious morning ritual this festive season.

Humber Waxed Canvas Holdall: travel this Christmas in style 

This ruggedly handsome unisex large capacity holdall  can take anything thrown into its capacious zipped interior. Functionally modern with convenient zipper pockets and an adjustable carry strap, the carefully treated leather and waxed canvas creates the ultimate aesthetic of vintage-travel chic. With full-grain leather straps and carry handles attached by robust steel rivets and quick-release clasps, this ultra dashing travel bag will be your favourite companion on those festive overnight stays. As an added perk, these bags are built to last a lifetime. If anything breaks or fails, you can send it back for a full replacement anytime.


Good in Bread Sourdough Baking Kit: smugly artisanal home baking

Embrace the wholesome trend of sourdough baking with the Good in Bread Sourdough Baking Kit. Gift it to the aspiring baker in your life or embark on a delicious baking journey yourself. Shun the processed supermarket bread this year and elevate your festive meals with the heavenly aroma and flavour of freshly baked sourdough, which is also much better for your gut health.

Buddha to Buddha’s George Textured ring: a perfectly bohemian gift to cherish 

Make a statement with Buddha to Buddha Jewellery’s iconic George Textured Ring. This timeless piece is a thoughtful gift for someone special or a stylish addition to your own festive ensemble. Bohemian elegance is at the core of Buddha to Buddha’s premium range of inimitable jewellery. From the design process to development, a team of designers, developers and silversmiths work together in synergy to create the finished piece. Let the intricate design and quality craftsmanship elevate your fabulous festive style to new heights.


Sloane Place: For an extravagant Christmas Eve feast in the heart of Chelsea 

For an unforgettable Christmas Day meal without the washing up, indulge in the culinary delights of Sloane Place. This upscale venue is part of the prestigious members club, Sloane Club and is offering a delightful festive menu that combines tradition with culinary innovation. Pan-seared duck foie gras and baked Scottish salmon medallion anyone? Forget cooking at home, treat yourself and your loved ones to an exquisite dining experience, making Christmas Day truly special and stress-free for all. Also keep your eyes peeled when dining in this celeb-adored eatery as on our last visit we were a table away from Janet Jackson…

She Grows Veg: gifts for green fingered garden-lovers 

The perfect gift for the plant-growing guru in your life, a seed selection from garden community She Grows Veg will be the perfect gift. We adore the Foodies Seed Selection which features chicory rose of Venice, aubergine, a hanging tomato plant, cauliflower and celery – perfect for growing and making your own winter soups and stews.

Borough Bone Broth: for the perfect Christmas gravy 

Slow cooked for24 hours using the finest, organic meat bones, herbs and vegetables, this collagen-rich and protein heavy bone broth is perfect for elevating your roast dinner this Christmas. Mix with turkey juices after roasting, add some cornflour to thicken slightly and you have a perfectly silky smooth and flavoursome gravy. We love the chicken and beef versions of this broth which are incredibly nutrient dense and can even be drunk as a soothing hot beverage when you want a savoury change to endless cups of tea and coffee.

From Today Luxury Gift Set: a spa in a box

This heavenly gift box is perfect for the pamper loving people in your life. Featuring a divinely scented hand wash, hand cream, diffuser and natural wax candle, this beautiful curated gift effortlessly brings the spa to the home. Also a great gift to yourself this Christmas, this set has all your need to add the final chic finishing touches to the coffee table and bathroom at your festive gatherings.

Burleigh Cake Stand: For festive baked masterpieces 

Christmas cakes and festive baked goods always need to be presented in a fabulously elegant manner. The Burleigh Cake Stand is perfect for such moments. We love this classic style from this iconic brand’s Regal Peacock range, which was uniquely decorated by skilled craftsmen using the brand’s centuries-old techniques of tissues transfer printing from hand-engraved copper rollers. Perfect also as a truly special gift for cake makers and lovers alike.

Denby Matching Mug Set: For matching festive cuppas 

What could be more festive than sipping a homemade cup of hot chocolate with a loved one as you admire your beautifully decorated Christmas tree or binge watch cheesy Christmas films? Having the most 7*Life mugs is just as important as the quality of the hot chocolate and where better to find them than from Iconic pottery mavericks Denby? We adore these matching Kiln Accents Set of two ridged mugs which give off wholesome countryside chic vibes. Pass the marshmallows.


Cheshire cheese company hampers: For cheese lovers 

Cheshire Cheese Company’s Christmas hampers are the ideal gift for the cheese-lover in your life with exquisite tastes. With options for all price points, ranging from £20 to £100, as well as various combinations of cheese, wine, port, chutney, biscuits and more, there is something to suit all tastes. New for Christmas 2023, all hampers are available in brand new black and yellow Cheshire Cheese Company magnetic presentation gift boxes that exude quiet luxury and can be delivered to an address of your choice.

Odylique Superfruit Concentrate: pamper and indulge 

Pamper your skin before all those Christmas parties with Odylique’s skin-smoothing Superfruit Concentrate. This luxurious, 100% natural and organic skincare oil combines 5 omega fatty acids to help rejuvenate winter-parched complexions – perfect for self-care during this busy season. Gift it to a skincare enthusiast or indulge in the nourishing benefits for yourself.

Beaglland Fitzroy X1 suitcase: gift the stylish jetsetter in your life

This state of the art carbon fibre suitcase is the epitome of modular design. Perfect for packing your essentials for a short festive getaway or even to give as a very special present to a travel-loving loved one, the Beaglland Fitzroy X1 truly is a one of a kind suitcase. The convenient laptop folio makes security checks a breeze and its durable carbon fibre shell makes it resistant to corrosion, high temperature and scratches. It also looks rather dashing as you’re speedily mincing through the airport to catch your festive flight.


Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief