All you ever need to know about microblading

Recently, I’ve noticed my instagram feed awash with images of perfectly groomed and defined eyebrows. Upon closer investigation, I discovered that the new eyebrow styling trend microblading was the reason for such perfection.

I was impressed with what I saw so decided to book an appointment for a treatment at brow guru Sian Dellar’s Harley Street clinic.

My brow technician explained that microblading was completely different to the harsh eyebrow tattoos of yesteryear. The result is more natural in appearance – instead of a dramatic block colour effect, tiny hair-like strokes are expertly tattooed throughout the brows.

A before and after of one of Sian’s clients

The treatment is perfect for those with sparse eyebrows seeking more definition without the daily faff of applying eyebrow pencils or powders.

The experience began with me describing my ideal brows to the eyebrow technician, who then used pencil to define my perfect shape. As I have a very low pain threshold I was slightly worried about a pen-like knife slicing though my skin, but luckily due to lashings of numbing cream being applied the pain was minimal.

Immediately after the treatment my brows looked magnificent (and I don’t use the word magnificent lightly) – extremely dark in colour but still fabulous nonetheless. They then started to fade over the next couple of weeks and became flakey.

I resisted the urge to pick off the flakes as I was told that this could lead to a patchy result, so I endured a week looking like I had a strange type of eyebrow disease – but the strange looks and questions were well worth it.

Two weeks later I arrived at Sian Dellar for my second “top up” treatment. I arrived ten minutes late and so missed the opportunity to be smothered in pain-reducing numbing cream so the experience was slightly more uncomfortable and resulted in a few cowardly yelps, but the end result made everything endured worthwhile. Heed my warning – do not arrive late and miss the numbing cream.

Just like last time, my brows looked gloriously Instagramable after my second treatment, if not a little too dark, but this faded a week later for a more natural look.

Me before microblading

Two months on and my brows have faded slightly yet still look perfectly coiffed. Although on a glam night out I still need to use a little bit of brow pencil, they look thicker and much more defined than before – perfect for waking up with your other half or for going on a beach holiday when makeup is a nuisance. The results will last for around a year and I would definitely re-book. Like Botox and laser hair removal, microblading has to be the next beauty treatment life changer and I would recommend to brow-lovers everywhere.

Me after microblading – celebrating with meat on a stick

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief