Boats Ibiza – charter a luxury yacht like a rockstar

As a lover of Ibiza, I have been frequenting this sultry isle of hedonistic beats, superb sunsets and zesty sangria every year for almost a decade. Off I would go to parties galore, watching the sunset from hotel balconies as I drank sparkling wine with those closest to me.

After five years repeating this pattern of hotels, beach clubs, restaurants and hedonistic raves, I craved more…

It got to the point where it wasn’t enough to simply turn up, party till the sun showed its golden head and frolic on sandy beaches. I needed something more. As a self confessed pleasure seeker I would always crave that extra excitement and finally found it –  in the form of a BOAT.

Yes, the mainland and all its attractions was tantalising enough, yet there was something about sailing on the turquoise blue seas, with my favourite person which changed the way I saw my ideal holiday – my escapism from drizzly London life.

My standard chilling position on luxury yachts

I found such escapism with Boats Ibiza – a humble yet shamelessly extravagant Yacht rental company with the aim of providing holiday makers in Ibiza with a baller-like, extravagant yachting experience they would never forget.

The proud owner of TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 6 years straight from 2014 – 2019, Boats Ibiza is known to be the islands most trusted and respected boat rental and yacht charter companies.

I was invited to experience their magic a few weeks back as I frolicked around this glorious sun-kissed isle with my other half – a lover of the finer things in life – and ocean-based shenanigans.

Obligatory photo in the captains chair

We were picked up from Marina Botafuch (try saying that after a few cheeky Mohitos) at 10am for our morning yacht excursion. A handsome brit known only as Captain Nick was waiting at the dock, guiding us to a pristine white yacht.

We were told to take off our shoes (as you do on such glam yachts darling, before we spend off into the Balearic sunshine.

We were served ice cold cava muddled with tart cranberry juice (drinks are included in the bookings) and revelled every sip as the salty sea water occasionally sprayed our faces as we sped across the crystal clear water towards a secluded beach on Formentera – Ibiza’s more laid back but effortlessly chic younger sister.

Can I live here now please?

This picture-perfect island is slightly quieter yet equally alluring, boasting seafood restaurants overlooking sandy white beaches with azure blue seas. If you have time to explore, make sure you visit the famous “pink beach” where tiny broken coral pieces give the sand an Instagram-worthy baby pink look.

A trip isn’t complete without a boat trip to this scenic island paradise – and Boats Ibiza can make this happen – in true rockstar style. The yacht we minced about on was complete with a sound system of an epic nature and we were impressed with the selection of hop hop tracks on Captain Nick’s playlist.

This resulted in my other half and I dancing about the boat animatedly, as if we were staring in some kind of hip hop music video, before we settling down on the spacious padded sundeck on our Tesalate “anti sand” towels to work on our rapidly-intensifying tans. Tanning on a boat – you can’t beat it…

Oh how we marvelled at the striking views whilst simultaneously bugging Captain Nick to take a million photos of us against the most glamorous backdrop of them all – the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea.

How I do Mondays….

The yacht was spacious, with a generous-sized deck for sunbathing outside. Downstairs led us to a master bedroom and bathroom with a shower – next time we will stay the night and wake up to sultry sea views and an unyielding sun.

Our experience on the yacht was fun, relaxing and shamlessly romantic – there’s nothing that screams romance more than sailing across the Mediterranean, sipping champagne with the one you love, simultaneously trying to film the whole shebang selfie-style, whilst trying to appear “natural.”

Boats Ibiza’s range of various yachts – from quaint and pretty to full on spacious Sunseekers with a 21 person capacity are ideal for families and large groups of friends – we made a mental note to book one for a birthday or future hen party.

Paddleboading like a (ahem) pro

After our trip, as I scanned the Boats Ibiza website, I noticed that the yacht company also offers special hen party and stag do packages – with the option of on boat catering and watersports, I cant think of a better way to celebrate the last few days of singledom with your nearest and dearest.

As we are self-confessed sun-worshipers, we opted for a 3 hour morning yacht trip but it’s possible to charter the yacht for the day or longer, or even a special sunset cruise – you cant beat an Ibiza sunset, especially by the mystical Es Vedra island with its magnetic rock formation.

If you plan to visit the debaucherous, naughty-chic island of Ibiza (and Formentera), I urge you to book a trip with this glorious yacht rental company. Just make sure you ask for Captain Nick – or any captain willing to take an obscene amount of photos – trust me you will want to savour the memories.

For more information take a peek at the Boats Ibiza website. 


Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief