Dog friendly hotel review: Richmond Hill Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Richmond, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Thames and Richmond Park, the Richmond Hill Hotel beckons like a haven of tranquility and luxury. My wife, our luxury-loving dog Nyla, and I recently had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in the regal ambiance of this historical gem. From the charming room with its captivating roll-top bath to the delectable dining at the restaurant, and the mesmerizing local area perfect for romantic walks, the Richmond Hill Hotel exceeded all our expectations.

Nyla approves of the room

Our stay began with the anticipation of a tranquil retreat, and the hotel certainly lived up to it. We were welcomed with warm smiles and gracious hospitality, and Nyla was greeted with equal enthusiasm, making us feel right at home. Our room, a haven of elegance, embraced us with its cozy atmosphere and tasteful décor. There was even a cute mat for Nyla complete with water bowl and exciting dog treats, which she highly appreciated.

The room exuded a perfect blend of contemporary comfort and historical charm. The soft hues and plush furnishings created an inviting ambiance, while the modern amenities ensured a seamless and relaxing stay. The presence of the roll-top bath, a touch of classic opulence, was a delightful surprise that added an extra layer of luxury to our experience. It became a sanctuary of relaxation, a place to soak away the day’s fatigue and just revel in the peaceful moments -which were few and far between with an excitable dog running around.

Stepping into the restaurant at Richmond Hill Hotel was an affair to remember. The setting was refined yet warm, with elegant yet comfortable furniture so rest our weary limbs after long dog walks in Richmond Park. The staff, with their impeccable attention to detail and exceptional friendliness, made our dining experience truly memorable. They were not only knowledgeable about the menu but also didn’t seem to mind when Naughty Nyla decided to bark every time they approached with another glorious dish.

Thanks to head chef Jessen Valaydon, the food was a symphony of flavours, a celebration of fresh, locally sourced ingredients crafted into delectable dishes. From starters to desserts, we enjoyed everything we tried. The blow torched mackerel drizzled with beetroot horseradish and served with a fruity concoction of melon and apple puree was divine. The roasted asparagus and watercress soup was a taste sensation and the salt marsh lamb main was a pleasingly hearty affair with the merry addition of almond cows cows, pomegranate and petit pois.

Sunset strolls in Richmond Park

The local area surrounding Richmond Hill Hotel is a haven for nature lovers and those seeking romantic strolls. Richmond Park, just a short distance away, offers expansive landscapes, serene ponds, and the chance to encounter deer in their natural habitat. Nyla had a wonderful time exploring the trails, enjoying the open spaces and posing for Instagram photos in all her fabulous fluffy glory. The awe-inspiring view from Richmond Hill, often referred to as one of the most captivating (and protected) in London, was literally just a few steps in front of the hotel so we couldn’t resist a few snaps taken here. The panorama of the Thames winding through such scenic landscapes was a sight to behold, making our morning walks a truly magical experience.

The Richmond Hill Hotel is a regal retreat that seamlessly marries luxury, history, and natural beauty. The inviting room with the roll-top bath, the exceptional dining experience, and the captivating local area perfect for romantic walks all combined to create an unforgettable stay. Whether you seek a romantic escape or a pet-friendly getaway, this charming abode is a must-visit. Richmond Hill Hotel offers a happy plethora of various experiences that linger in your memory and beckon you to return for more.

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief