Explore the world like never before through immersive cruise journeys

Luxury travellers are going all out by enjoying long and immersive holidays. Tom Barber of Original Travel explains that the average spend per booking increased from £14,000 back in 2018-19 to £21,000 last year, as more people treat themselves to experiences that they’ve always wanted to try. Barber even states that a quarter of travellers extend their vacations for 15 days or more, while some even go on months-long sabbaticals to unwind and savour their holiday.

Now that people have more time for their breaks, they’re signing up for cruises that offer immersive ocean experiences. Through luxury cruises, people can take a break from their everyday responsibilities and enjoy every second of their vacation.

The Rise in Demand for Immersive Experiences

People are starting to realise that it’s a luxury to have time on their hands during holidays. As such, it’s not surprising that people are seeking more immersive experiences as they dedicate more time to rest. Travel Daily Media even reports that extreme immersion experiences are one of the top ten travel trends among UK travellers this 2023. It’s expected that hotels that are immersed in nature will have a greater travel appeal as guests seek to enjoy every second of their trip. More UK travellers are also immersing themselves by travelling to new locations and looking for unusual experiences from various luxury travel companies.

Due to this trend, slow and immersive modes of transportation are becoming an attractive choice for luxury travellers. Companies like The Steam Dreams are allowing passengers to take their time in enjoying three-course meals while they travel on beautifully decorated vintage carriages. As passengers travel from London Victoria to Windsor, they can also immerse in the experience by looking out at the suburbs of London and the beautiful sunset backdrop. Likewise, cruise ships are also offering more immersive experiences for luxury travellers who want to spend many weeks or months on holiday. Through these travel options, people can truly unwind from their busy lives and treat themselves to experiences that they deserve.

Immersive cruise experiences for the ultimate luxury trip

Before, people simply looked forward to arriving at their destination. However, the high demand for slow and luxurious travel experiences inspired cruise lines to make sure that travellers get to enjoy both their destinations and the journey toward the place. In fact, cruises now offer unique experiences that invite people to savour every moment of their long holidays. To help people enjoy their experience in the ocean, Explora Cruises offers nine distinct culinary experiences and an unlimited selection of beverages, fine wines, and premium spirits prepared by culinary and beverage experts. Guests can also access the spa thermal area and try the well-being and fitness programmes on board while they travel to top destinations like the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, or Iceland.

Likewise, people with relatively shorter holidays can board river cruises to treat themselves to luxurious services. The APT Travelmarvel may be a new player for UK guests, but this river cruise ship lives up to its four-star rating by offering multi-course offerings, buffet options, and even Irish pub-inspired bar experiences. Guests on the river course can also savour their trip through the onboard entertainment experiences, like an eight-piece orchestral performance, a choir, and a dance recital. These luxury services ensure that people are making memories of a lifetime as they travel to destinations like Budapest, Durnstein, and more.

Luxury travel is all about taking your time and enjoying every moment, so if you want to indulge in luxurious experiences, have a read of more recommendations here at 7*Life. Our enticing lifestyle, travel, and food and drink articles will help you discover unique places with visiting and memorising experiences you’ll want to repeat again and again.

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief