Fall Down the Rabbit Hole with Six by Nico for a gastronomic adventure to remember

This autumn nothing is what it seems as fervent foodies are invited to fall Down the Rabbit Hole at Six by Nico in a topsy-turvy world of gastronomic pleasure. One of London’s most popular fine dining restaurant groups, Six by Nico will transport guests into a world of creativity and adventure, where they can enjoy magical moments of eccentric eats and extreme pleasure with eye-deceiving dishes and wondrous surprises at every turn.

Fret not, for there is no need to shrink to three inches, solve perplexing riddles, or encounter psychedelic Cheshire cats (although that may have been rather fun), instead, renowned chef Nico Simeone and his team have introduced a much more digestible experience with a fitting conclusion to a tasting menu as unique as Wonderland itself.

I was recently invited to sample this fabulously whimsical menu with a food loving chum. We sipped on the finest wines which cleverly paired each dish (thanks to our excellent sommelier and waitress Karen) and jumped from course to course to discover a feast inspired by famous phrases and characters from the Alice in Wonderland, prepared with the most unusual ingredients and flavours.

The new six-course tasting menu cleverly highlights natures oddities and peculiarities including “Mad Hatters Tea Party” consisting of mushroom tea with exciting condiments – bacon jam, truffle cheese royale, pickled walnut and a savoury cheese scone. “The White Rabbit” – date ballotine, beef fat roasted carrot, carrot puree, tarragon pesto, rabbit bolognese, pickled carrot, carrot ketchup, chervil; and “Paint the Roses Red” – celeriac creme, baby beetroots, pickled celeriac disks, radish, celeriac puree, beetroot gel.

I was a big fan of the “Eat Me, Drink Me!” – a delightful dalliance of roast cod, miso yuzu glaze, bonito emulsion, white turnip puree, pickled Tokyo turnip and a tasty dashi broth. The gloriously frivolous “Off With Its Head!”  was adored by my dining buddy and was a pleasing plethora of roast pork belly, soy glaze, cauliflower puree, choucroute, apple gel, pig head croquette, sauce charcuterie and nasturtiums.

We finished off our dining experience with Six by Nico’s mind-altering psychedelic dessert – “Learn How to Make Mushrooms” featuring chocolate mushroom cremeux, creamy hazelnut Ice cream, candied hazelnut, chocolate soil, smoked Maldon sea salt and sherry vinegar gel – a true treat for the tastebuds.

Andy Temple, Chief Creative Officer at Six by Nico restaurant group said “Six by Nico’s latest theme is perfect for those looking for a magical food adventure. Throughout October and November, guests will be transported down the rabbit hole to a world of intrigue and enjoy our whimsical dining experience. With our most immersive theme to date, expect the unexpected.”

The menu is priced at £44 per person with the option to enjoy an expertly selected wine and specialist drinks pairing for an additional £35 at each restaurant. As always, there is a vegetarian alternative available for every course, as well as a wacky Down the Rabbit Hole inspired snacks.

Six By Nico have also recently introduced the option to experience the full menu completely vegan – with tasty alternatives including “EAT ME, DRINK ME!” consisting of a roast aubergine, miso and yuzu glaze, leek emulsion, white turnip puree, pickled Tokyo turnip, turnip broth, and a vegan version of the famous “Learn how to make mushrooms” dessert.

Diners can book a table now to discover the psychedelic ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ menus until Sunday 20th November, from noon till night. Bookings are now open for all restaurant locations (Aberdeen, Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, London Fitzrovia and Manchester) and can also be made online here:


Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief