Fine dining pop-up comes to Soho

The Sun and 13 Cantons in Soho is not averse to hosting restaurant pop-ups, but their latest residency is different to the usual street food fare you can find here. Step forward Max De Nahlik and Nick Ross, the talented tag-team behind Oxalis.

Oxalis has got a six month residency in the central London pub and after visiting recently, I would not be surprised if they went on to open up their own space next year. The food is a fusion of British and Canadian/French influence – representative of the two chefs’ heritage.

Of the selection of bar snacks available, the pick of the selection has to be the hot wings and the chilli cauliflower. Both are delicious and offer the right level of heat. The wings in particular are the perfect snack size. I’d also recommend the beef scrumpet. If you’re not familiar with a scrumpet, think of it as like a croquette – but meaty! With bone marrow and parsley aioli, it’s definitely worth a try. Tender and full of flavour.

Of all the “plates” (mains) we tried, the highlight for me was the squash tortellini with broccoli rabe – it was wonderful! The grouse was also excellent, though quite rich (especially with the cep puree) so might not be for everyone. The octopus, too, was cooked perfectly – very tender. The new potatoes and mojo sauce it’s served with are also very flavoursome sides, working excellently together.

This is an exciting pop-up and one not to be missed. The guys are working hard and intend on changing the menu as frequently as every week! Pay a visit, but go earlier in the week. The pub gets really busy on a Thursday and Friday night.

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