Get date night ready with Gina Conway salons

As a beauty-obsessed, pamper-loving girly girl, I swear by a visit to a top beauty salon before that all important date night or special occasion.

Long gone are the days when I would slather on a messy homemade facemask and painstakingly wash and blow dry my own hair, before burning myself whist trying to use the curling tongs. Ain’t no body got time for that.

Nowadays, I can be found flicking though glossy magazines and replying to those all important work emails as a professional gets to work on expertly styling my waist-length hair.

I also swear by a skin-plumping facial for that illuminating “just had a facial didn’t I” kind of glow – always the day before a social event or long-awaited date, to give my skin time to fully absorb the beneficial oils in the products. I  also always choose facials that utilise products made with natural ingredients.

So many high end salons boast about facials using luxurious beauty products but many of these can contain harmful artificial perfumes, dyes and additives which can be detrimental to delicate complexions.

This is why I’m a regular visitor to the Gina Conway salon in Wimbledon as their skin-rejuvenating facials always use products made from plant-based ingredients and the experience is customised to your skin’s unique needs.

My last facial in this popular pamper palace involved a deep cleanse, thorough exfoliation, deeply hydrating face mask and a facial massage which almost resulted in me falling asleep on the comfortable treatment bed – it had been a long day.

The minimalist-chic Gina Conway salon in Notting Hill is another of my favourite London beauty sanctuaries. During my last visit, my unruly mane was washed and styled by the magical hands of Yasmine, who worked her barnet-boosting magic on the evening of an important event I was hosting in Soho.

Looking smug after Yasmin’s transformational blow-dry

After shampooing and conditioning my hair with divinely-scented Aveda natural and organic products, she got to work on a big bouncy blow dry, which expertly left my hair unapologetically glossy and full of volume.

I also decided to get my nails done at the same time, which turned out perfect as usual and was a great idea considering that every time I attempt to do my own nails I end up smudging them into an unsightly mess all over my hands as I’m frantically rushing out of the house.

Thank goodness for Gina Conway salons and their army of hair and beauty gurus to save the day.


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Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief