Get Starbucks-style coffee at home at the click of a button

Ever craved a frothy, rich, barista-made coffee but was too lazy to pry yourself away from the coziness of your humble abode? Fret not lazy bums for the new CI Touch® by Melitta® will make all your caffeine-ralated dreams come true just by pressing a button or two.

Sleek and sophisticated in design, this clever machine makes all manner of coffees to suit your tastes including classic café crème, creamy cappuccinos, robust espressos and frothy latte macchiatos.

I have to admit, I am not a fan of coffee. There. I’ve said it. I have never been the type to queue at a bustling coffee shop waiting for my name to be called out and squiggled on a cardboard cup bearing a garish logo.

When friends would offer to make me an Americano, I would turn my nose up and ask for a sweet cup of hot chocolate like a child fresh from frolicking in the snow.

This all changed after the swanky CI Touch by Melitta arrived at my door one blustery Autumnal morning. After assembling this state-of-the-art machine using the handy online instructions (a manual is also provided) I poured the poshest coffee beans I could find into  the back and attached this bendy tube to a container filled with milk.

After clicking on one of the little coffee symbols (I chose a cappuccino), within seconds I had a professionally-made beverage topped with a pleasing amount of frothed up milk.

Within days I discovered a new-found love for coffee. I was finally one of those smug people who could talk about the fragrant coffee beans of Ethiopia and Italy. I could smugly press a switch and watch a silky latte being made before my excited eyes. I was hooked and would chuckle silently to myself when I would walk past my local Starbucks packed queues of weary-eyed commuters desperate for their morning caffeine fix.

Six additional coffee specialities can be selected via the handy recipe book function. The machine’s high-quality, modern touch user interface is augmented with a high-resolution colour TFT display that guides coffee lovers with clear instructions for making their coffee-beverage of choice.

The CI Touch cleverly uses the ‘Bean Select’ dual-chamber bean storage compartment, which offers space for two different types of beans such as light roast and espresso beans – each allowing you to prepare your favourite favourite with the right type of beans.

Not only is it easier, quicker anymore convenient to make your morning caffeinated beverage using the CI touch by Melitta, in the long run it saves you money. All those daily cafe-bought coffees add up over the months – calculate how much its costs over a year and you’ll see with that kind of money you could book a well-deserved holiday in the Caribbean. This ingenious machine uses an Italian preparation process to ensure that brewing is carried out in a specific traditional sequence, resulting in professional barista quality coffees. You can even indulge your creative side by saving personal favourites for up to four people via the My Coffee memory function whilst the Double Cup mode allows two cups to be filled simultaneously – perfect if you and your other half fight are rushed for time in the mornings.

If you’re seeking an even swankier coffee machine, get your hands on a Barista TS Smart® (see top image), which includes remote control access, automated user recognition, notification of maintenance as well as coffee tutorials on using and cleaning the machine. It also allows you to connect a smartphone to the machine via Bluetooth to make coffee in an unashamedly futuristic, no fuss manner.

I’m usually out off from purchasing such intricate machines dude to my fear of cleaning them (and cleaning in general) but with the CI Touch® maintenance and cleaning is practically done for you. The clever PRO AQUA filter technology effectively filters the water during beverage preparation and prevents lime scale deposits from accumulating in the machine.

Hot steam is used by the machine to self clean, preparing itself for creating the next hot hug in a mug – ideal for those dark frosty winter mornings that are just around the corner.


CI Touch® by Melitta® is available in both Silver and Black (RRP: £999.99).

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Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief