Indulge in an Indian feast to remember at Kahani

Kahani is the Hindi word for ‘story’ – an apt name, then, for the latest chapter in the stellar career of Peter Joseph. Fresh from a 14-year residence at Tamarind, the first Indian restaurant to win a Michelin star, the Chennai-born chef has launched his own restaurant in Chelsea. Not surprisingly, his modern yet colourful take on Indian food surprises and delights in equal measure.

Located a stone’s throw from the glitzy hustle and bustle of Sloane Square, Joseph’s 90-cover venue beams with sophistication and minimalist elegance. The décor boasts a colour palette inspired by the feathers of a peacock, whilst the blue velvet seats of the restaurant’s incredibly inviting bar could easily charm you into staying all night long.

The cocktails are aesthetically enticing and as innovatively crafted as Joseph’s menu, featuring ingredients such as tandoori pineapple and homemade spiced rum. I urge you to try the Gulab Martini or Khatta Gin – both have the potential to become instant favourites.

But the true tale of Kahani is told in its exciting menu: a fusion of Indian flavours using locally sourced British ingredients that show off Joseph’s culinary mastery to full effect.

The spiced chickpeas starter is tantalising to both eyes and taste buds, while the soft-shell crab scores a straight 10 out of 10 for flavour and presentation – a pair of perfect preludes to the explosion of flavours yet to arrive with the mains.

Traditional tandoori cooking methods at Kahani

Expect to be wowed by the skills of true masters of the robata grill – in our case, through the Malabar prawns and sirloin steak kebabs. The kebabs are quite possibly the stars of the whole show, with vibrant aromas that explode in the mouth and spices that are fresh and alive. A true pièce de resistance.

The salmon fish curry comes with a silky and zesty sauce packed with flavours to please the senses, while the delectable butter chicken may just be the best you have ever tasted. Ajwani okra and a generous serving of fluffy basmati rice are the ideal accompaniments.

If you have room, a selection of moorish desserts are served on a lavish and animated plate, including the signature ‘Melt in the Middle’ cheesecake, a decadent and buttery rich carrot fudge, and refreshing kulfi.

It all made for the perfect ending to a truly indulgent and modern Indian feast that left us wanting more. In Kahani, Joseph has certainly created one story you will want to revisit again and again.