London Fashion Week: Bora Aksu Transformative identity

London Fashion Week was recently in town again and edgy designer Bora Aksu astonished the public with yet another of his inspirational runway shows, inspired by his muse – the real-life hero, Dr James Barry.

The designer was fascinated by the story of this sprightly character – born Margaret Ann Bulkley in 1795 before going against the grain of Georgian society and choosing to life as a man. As a result Barry was accepted as a university student and become one of the most respected military surgeons of the era, working throughout the British Empire to improve the medical care of the lower classes. The secret of his female form was only revealed after his death.

Bora Aksu uses his creations to tell stories about remarkable individuals who changed the word in their own way. This theme can be noticed throughout the collection – soft and frilly tulle gowns in pastel colours, which the designer is known for, alternate with traditional tailoring.

The muse´s male persona is represented in structured pinstriped tailoring and jackets with big shoulders – yet softened by the use of smooth velvet material.

The result is a modern mix of romantic feminine dresses combined with the masculine touch with a distinct personality.

We can’t wait to see what this inimitable designer has in store for us next.