Party like a (Mexican) rock star at Tonteria

Discreetly nestled away within the chic confines of Sloane Square, resides Tonteria – an underground, Mexican-themed nocturnal haven for international jetsetters, party-loving celebrities, British royalty and well-heeled locals with a taste for tequila.  The nightclub regularly puts on mesmerising shows by extravagantly made-up performers as party people celebrate life and pleasure seeking in general with the finest Champagne, fine wines and Latin American cocktails.

Alain Dona, Tonteria’s partner and charming nightlife entrepreneur, was born and raised in the South of France where each summer season he worked in famous clubs and restaurants dotted around Cannes and St Tropez. During the colder months, he would spend his nights in Paris and Courchevel, frolicking with the super rich and well connected.

EYE see you…

At only 28 years old, Alain decided to export his services to London, when we was invited  to take the revered role of VIP Manager for infamous Mayfair club Whisky Mist. Here he met nightlife big shots Nick House and Piers Adams and remained a vital part of the club’s success until 2012 – when he co-created the inimitable concept of Tonteria.

Till this day, the nightclub has hosted a flurry of exclusive events and has collaborated with high end brands worldwide. Alain’s Do Not Disturb and TonteMania live wrestling concepts were taken to the glamorous Matignon club during Paris Fashion Week, the Sky Bar atop the Diva Hotel and the luxurious Domain Hotel in Bahrain for Formula 1.

Get there early to feast on a plethora of Mexican tapas style dishes including steak tacos, mini chicken burritos and a tangy crayfish ceviche. Watch out for the vintage replica Jalisco tequila express train delivering shots to each table and don’t say we didn’t warn you about how this feisty Latin American spirit slowly creeps up on you..

The decadent Do Not Disturb themed Fridays and the blingatsic Muertos Mondays often come with a side of Ferraris and Lamborghinis parked outside, eye-popping performances and a few (pleasantly) unexpected surprises. 

When I last visited with my favourite girls, we gorged on Mexican tapas and icy, slush puppy-style tequila cocktails that reminded me of sunnier times on exotic holidays. They also reminded me that I should go easy with anything that contains tequila, as lets just say I partied hard that evening (*bows head in shame*).

Magnums of Dom Perignons Champagne arrived at our table, carried by attractive club staff dressed up as ancient Mexican figures, their menacingly made up faces illuminated by the light of the sparklers. As I nursed my drink and felt myself moving to the sound of my favourite Drake song, I mentally made a note to return soon – and go easy on the tequila…


Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief