Relax and reset with the girls at the world’s most exclusive treatment centre The Kusnacht Practice

In the pursuit of well-being and mental harmony, we often overlook a powerful and ancient elixir: the profound connection between women. Whether it’s the solace found in a heartfelt conversation or the sheer joy of shared laughter, the ties that bind women are potent, offering a protective shield against the world’s tumult. Harvard’s 2019 study reaffirms this ancient wisdom, revealing that women with a tight-knit circle of friends are not only the most successful but also the most resilient against life’s adversities.

These aren’t just feel-good moments; there’s science behind them. The exchange of comforting words, the touch of a reassuring hand, or simply being in the presence of a close female friend can trigger the release of calming hormones. These chemicals act as buffers, countering the debilitating effects of stress and fostering a sense of well-being. It’s no wonder that serotonin, our body’s natural mood regulator, flows freely during these bonding moments, providing a safeguard against the clutches of depression and anxiety. Brigham Young University’s study pushes the envelope further, hinting that a robust female social network might even hold the key to increased longevity.

In a world that often pushes individualism and competition, especially among women, such findings are a breath of fresh air. They challenge us to re-evaluate what we consider as sources of strength and well-being. And one sanctuary, perched serenely beside Lake Zurich, is taking these revelations to heart.

The Kusnacht Practice, globally renowned as an emblem of luxury and exclusivity in the realm of wellness, has crafted a one-of-a-kind experience: The Ladies Retreat. This isn’t your everyday spa getaway. It’s a holistic voyage, tailored for groups of women, that seeks to celebrate and amplify the transformative power of female friendships. Nestled in private villas that exude elegance, groups of ladies are invited to embark on a rejuvenating journey together, against the mesmerising backdrop of Lake Zurich or the vibrant heart of Geneva.

Dr. Antoinette Sarasin Gianduzzo, the visionary behind the revolutionary Biomolecular Restoration (BIO-R®) programme, beautifully encapsulates the ethos of The Ladies Retreat: “Women derive immense strength from camaraderie. Our retreat is a sacred space where they can lean on each other, sharing challenges and celebrating triumphs.” The core of this retreat is the BIO-R® programme, a scientifically grounded approach that rejuvenates the body and mind by recalibrating one’s biochemistry.

While the retreat welcomes women from all walks of life, it has been found exceptionally beneficial for those navigating significant life transitions. Be it the physiological roller-coaster of menopause, the complex transition from a bustling work life to serene retirement, or combatting the pressures of entrepreneurial challenges, The Ladies Retreat offers an antidote.

Upon arrival, each guest is treated to an array of tests, including groundbreaking ‘bio-hacking’ procedures, aimed at providing a panoramic view of one’s health. These insights pave the way for a bespoke wellness programme, encompassing treatments ranging from micronutrient infusions to cryotherapy and luxurious derma skin therapies.

While physical rejuvenation is vital, the retreat understands that mental fortitude is the cornerstone of lasting well-being. Hence, alongside collective yoga sessions that tap into the group’s collective energy, individual sessions cater to personal development, cognitive enhancement, and mental resilience.

The Kusnacht Practice’s Ladies Retreat isn’t just another luxurious experience; it’s a testament to the power of women coming together, finding strength in unity, and thriving amidst life’s challenges. In today’s world, perhaps this retreat offers more than just wellness—it offers a return to our roots, where collective well-being triumphs over solitary pursuits.

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief