Review: The ultimate terrarium making workshop at Four Store, Shoreditch

Venturing into the whimsical house plant haven known as Four Store, nestled in the heart of Shoreditch, was an experience in itself. I recently had the pleasure of participating in their terrarium-making workshop, guided by the affable and knowledgeable instructor, Isaac. The workshop was an educational and delightful foray into the world of terrariums and their ability to create a self-sustaining, natural masterpiece – ready to take pride of place in your humble abode.

Terrarium making workshops – wholesomeness on a whole other level

Isaac led the workshop with a blend of expertise and passion that was truly inspiring. His knowledge of terrariums and plants in general was extensive, and he navigated through the intricacies of creating our own little ecosystems with finesse. Isaac patiently explained each step of the process to our small group, from choosing the perfect glass container to deciding on what layers of substrate to selecting the perfect combination of plants. He effortlessly answered questions and provided valuable insights, ensuring everyone left with a newfound understanding of these miniature worlds.

I think I’ve found my calling

The staff at Four Store were not only experts in their field but also epitomized warmth and friendliness. They welcomed us into their lush sanctuary, a symphony of greenery that greeted us at every turn. The shop was a delightful riot of colors and textures, with a diverse array of plants carefully curated to suit various tastes and spaces. The ambiance exuded tranquility, making the entire experience a treat for the senses.

As I crafted my terrarium, carefully layering various pebbles, pillowy moss, moist soil, and plants, I felt a sense of connection with nature and revelling in that smug feeling of doing something entirely wholesome on a Saturday afternoon. It was mesmerising to watch the terrarium come to life, each element playing its part in the delicate balance of this miniature ecosystem. The pretty Bonsai tree was the fabulous finishing touch, and told by Issac to be in the perfect glass walled environment to thrive.

Gold soil makes everything ok

Upon completing my terrarium, I marveled at its beauty and simplicity. Placed in a chic glass container, it now graces a prominent spot in my home. Next to my other Four Store terrarium. Did I mention I’m now a terrarium addict? The minimal maintenance these glorious mini greenhouses require is a testament to the self-contained wonder of a terrarium. Watering it just four times a year is a breeze and perfect for my ADHD forgetful brain, and it’s fascinating to witness how this microcosm thrives on its own. A self-sustaining oasis of life within my cozy living space.

My finished terrarium – before trimming

The experience at Four Store was not just about creating a terrarium; it was about embracing a sustainable way of living. Terrariums embody the beauty of nature and the importance of balance and self-sufficiency. My terrarium serves as a reminder of that enlightening workshop. Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to learn, create, and nurture your very own piece of green magic to help brighten your home and your heart.

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief