Santi, London

Santi spa is a spa in South Kensington which has managed to maintain a reputation as a place which welcomes local clients while also presenting itself as a stylish location for celebrities.  Unusually for spas, as well as offering the full range of spa treatments and relaxation therapies one would expect to find, Santi also has a shop.  This shop is freely available to people who have never been to Santi in person, though presumably clients can also buy products in person.

Santi offers beauty treatments of all kinds to their clients, from chemical peels to Botox, and encourages prospective clients through offering free consultations concerning many of their services, such as the laser hair removal (which is available for both men and women). 

As well as the Botox and laser hair removal, Santi also offers what many see as the more traditional fare of a spa in the form of massages of various kinds, manicures, brow waxing and Pranayama Yoga\meditation.  The massages normally last for sixty minutes, apart from the de-stressing back massage, which is only available for thirty minutes, and the holistic massage, which last for ninety minutes. 

In another unusual move, Santi has an entire section of staff dedicated to what is called physio and nutrition – a section of their treatments involves treating clients through nutritional therapy which is derived in part from Naturopathy and Ayurvedic medicine, and also offer standard acupuncture and physiotherapy appointments. 

Launched in 2013, this fairly recent venture hopes to help clients manage everything from their energy and stress levels to conditions of more severity such as imbalanced hormones and coeliac disease through the food they eat.  For most of the illnesses\general problems which are listed, the specialists at Santi combine proper nutrition with advice on the proper amount of exercise and other lifestyle modifications.

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Mitra Wicks

Editor in Chief