Stay where the celebrities stay in Leeds

Dakota Deluxe Leeds only opened last year and its guests already include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Katy Perry, Stereophonics, Stone Roses and Jimmy Choo. Now they can add my name to that illusrtious list after I was lucky enough to be invited to stay there recently.

Following Dakota Deluxe Glasgow’s opening in 2016, the Leeds addition has been designed by international award-winning interior designer, Amanda Rosa. Black and gold colour schemes lend to an air of decadence, while the soft furnishings and low lighting add touches of luxury.

The hotel – situated right in the heart of Leeds’ city centre – is home to 84 rooms, all plushy in their furnishings, with an easy-on-the-eye style. Each room has Sky, too, with all packages, meaning film buffs and sports fanatics will never miss out.

The restaurant, located in the basement, is stunning. The menu, as well, offers locally sourced produce that’s fresh; the fish is caught at 5am and brought straight in. For that reason, fish options are a must. The scallop starter with black pudding is ideal for all those with a savoury-tooth sharper than their sweet ones. The seafood mains – highly recommended – include options such as halibut served on or off the bone, trout or sole. The steaks, meanwhile, is another choice not to be missed, since they’re cooked on hot coals. Yum, in a word. As well as allowing chefs to have creative rein, there are also long-standing recipes that have been passed down through the hotel owner’s own family, such as Doreen’s black pudding and the curry, which is made with monkfish and prawn.

Before your stay is over, you have to enjoy at least one drink in the hotel’s Salon Privé; it’s become one of Leeds’ most exclusive cocktail bars. The outstanding bar boasts a “liquid museum”, resulting in extrememly talented mixologists concocting some exceptional drinks. Not to be missed.

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