The ultimate Autumn hair makeover with Andy’s Salon and The London Hair Lab

Autumn is a time to revive your wardrobe. Buy those thigh high boots you’ve had your eye on, wrap up warm in glamorous coats and cozy chic jumpers. But what about that much needed hair makeover after a long summer of chlorinated pools, drying sunlight and heat damage from over styling?

As the summer days slowly turned blissfully autumnal I started to randomly feel some hair inspo by the warm colours of falling leaves. So, when Sonal at Andy’s Salon suggested she extend my locks with dark and auburn hair extensions from The London Hair Lab I was game.

I’ve always been a fan of using different shades of hair extensions for a warm, highlighted look instead of harshly dying my own hair, so I was keen to let Sonal work her magic with the glorious shades of the finest Remy European hair.

Andy’s Salon in leafy Wimbledon is a favourite of locals, and hair buffs in the know, so I was delighted to visit for the hair makeover I didn’t even know I needed.

Andy’s Salon – an oasis of calm and fabulous hair

The salon was warm and inviting with a stylish contemporary decor. Yummy Wimbledon mummies were getting their highlights redone and professional party goers nursed herbal teas during their ultra glam blow drys before a much needed night out.

The whole process took about an hour and involved Sonal meticulously attaching extension strands using the keratin bonding method. I chose the 22 inch flat tips in colours 1B, 1B2 C1 – dark brown and the warm colours of autumn. I was told the extensions will last about 4 – 5 months but its advisable to replace them every 3 months ideally.


Post appointment photo by Sonal

I have tried many different hair extension brands over the last 10 years, and was extremely impressed with the quality of The London Hair Lab’s long silky tresses. I learned from Sonal that the company use 100% natural European Remy hair – known for its durability and glossy appearance.

Because yachts in Ibiza are always better with fresh extensions

Soon after my hair was gloriously extended I escaped the haphazard British weather to frolic merrily in Ibiza with my new locks and received many compliments. One month later and I am seriously impressed that not one extension has fallen out (and there’s always a few that usually do).

Who doesn’t want to live every day like they’re the star of their own Pantene advert?


Fresh from the salon

My top 6 tips for hair extension maintenance 

  1. Wash with a good quality shampoo without SLS (sodium laurel sulphate) if possible 
  2. Condition the lengths and the ends but never the roots as this affects bonds 
  3. Use a tangle teaser to regularly brush hair and separate bonds 
  4. Use heat protecting sprays when curling, straightening or blow drying hair 
  5. Never bend head over a bath to wash hair as this will tangle like crazy! 
  6. I like to give my hair a break for a few months between extension applications and wear clip ins when going out and about. Foxy Locks are my favourite brand by far as they are made with 100% real Remy hair and seamless wefts for a natural yet striking look. 






Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief