Ushvani, London.

Ushvani, found in the heart of Chelsea, is the result of eight years of hard work from the founder Usha Arumugam, who combines the knowledge required to create a world-class spa with a similar passion for excellence in client service.

Ushvani serves both men and women on the premises, with treatments that range from massages of various types to body scrubs and wraps.  The site notes that each culture has its own massage technique, and so offers seven separate massages, though only the Malay and Balinese massages are available for more than the seemingly standard ninety minute slot.

Of special note is the Asmara suite; a special area which is devoted to couples, friends or loved ones which offers a higher level of pampering.  It offers couples (and the language used by the site does seem to imply that it is geared primarily for couples) their own steam room, sunken bath with hydrotherapy jets, and side-by-side treatments from Ushvani’s therapists.  People who book this suite are offered complimentary fruit juices and snacks on arrival, and will most likely be afforded the very best of Ushvani’s already excellent service.

For clients who prefer their relaxation to be more strenuous, Ushvani also offer classes in both Yoga and Pilates classes, offering classes in a dedicated, spacious studio with high ceilings and wood panelling.  Ushvani offers different types of Yoga, including Hatha Yoga and mother and baby yoga, while the Pilates offered is a strictly one-on-one class which is tailored to a client’s unique needs.

Ushvani is said to have a Malaysian-inspired aesthetic, with specially commissioned Malay art gracing the studio, and at least one Malay inspired treatment (the massage mentioned above).  An effort is made even to control the atmosphere, with the aroma of ginger, nutmeg and pandan leaves greeting visitors, and an etiquette code which guests of the spa are expected to follow.

Mitra Wicks

Editor in Chief