Eat, drink and party hard at The Little Yellow Door

Founded in October 2014 by Kamran Dehdashti, the kitsch, hedonistic haven known as The Little Yellow Door in hip Notting Hill is based on a fun, fictional flat share and hosts weekly ‘house parties’ and supper clubs brimming with the kind of friendly, frolicsome folk you could easily see yourself becoming bosom buddies with. In fact, the merry motto of this pleasing pop up, which conveniently takes Whatsapp bookings, is, “visiting The Little Yellow Door, you may arrive with three friends and leave with ten…”

For years, Londoners sick of generic nights on the town, with a craving for ‘something a bit different,’ have frequented their infamous house parties, retro gaming nights, kitchen suppers, Thursday takeovers, indoor gardens and exciting supper clubs with the cheeky Wandering Chef.

This nomadic foodie genius is renowned for cooking up a lip-smacking, belly-rubbing, all-American feast. These culinary joys are vacuumed up by excitable guests as they take part in jubilant house party-esque games before tables are cleared to make way for copious amounts of jigging to some seriously sexy hip hop.

Disgracefully delicious dishes include soft Savoury Donuts with Sweet Shrimp, Cajun Crab Remoulade smothered in Pickled Chilli, New England Clam Chowder with Shrimp and Corn, followed by heaving boards of Bourbon Glazed Ribs, Pulled Beef Shin, Buffalo Wings, Smoked Sausage and Burnt Ends. These heavenly offerings will be served with a sassy selection of sides such as Pickled Chilli and Kraut Slaw, Potato and Bacon Salad, and the creamiest, most addictive Mac ‘n’ Cheese you will ever try in your life — and we don’t joke about Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Hell no.

Before you get ready to party on that freshly cleared dance floor and down a couple of Wray and Nephew cocktails, don’t forget about the puddings which will be hovering about naughtily – particularly the seemingly innocent looking but exceedingly scandalous Oreo, Banana and Bourbon Hard Shakes and the raspberry topped Malt Cream Brownies.

The Little Yellow Door also hosts laid back Wednesday and Thursday night dinners, and Saturday night house parties featuring a menu inspired by “the weird and wonderful characters you find at a party and, more importantly, their bizarre eating habits.” Think eccentrically English posh cheese on toast, Waitrose inspired party nibbles, fried fish butties and chips drenched in curry sauce.

We love The Little Yellow Door and its quirky ways — go with an open mind, your most entertaining friends and most importantly, an empty tum.

 The Little Yellow Door, 68 Notting Hill Gate, W11 3HT 



Mitra Wicks

Editor in Chief