The best coffee for working from home

While continuing to work from home like so many others in the country, I’ve never drank so much coffee in my life! My Nespresso machine has been put to very good use on a daily basis, which has led me to explore alternative coffees to the usual pods I purchase. And I’ve found two that have become new favourites.

Halo Coffee

Not only do these guys make seriously great tasting coffee, they’re also on a mission to combat climate change, which coffee doesn’t have the best reputation for currently. They’ve created a coffee pod that can help reduce global coffee pod waste to zero. The Halo Coffee pods are fully compostable, made from waste sugarcane, which can be disposed of in home compost or buried in the soil of your plant pots, which avoids the need for landfill. This helps reduce the polluting impact of the 60 billion pods a year that’s churned out by the coffee industry!

Tested by the University of Northampton, Halo’s pods are proven to degrade into a natural fertiliser in as little as 28 days in domestic compost! And as sustainable as they are, they also have an amazing range with a fantastic taste to match. The Three Mountain flavour is mild, offering a delicious blend of nutty chocolate with hints of berry, while the Ristretto is a strong bespoke blend that’ll certainly perk you up if you’re feeling particularly tired.

On top of sustainability, great taste and slick packaging, Halo Coffee has also donated 1,000 coffee pods to frontline NHS workers at the Royal Free Hospital in London. No wonder their promise is to deliver ‘the world’s best coffee, in a way that’s best for the world’.

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Lost Sheep Coffee

These guys are not only playfully named and colourfully packaged, they’re also Kent’s favourite speciality coffee roastery.

Lost Sheep coffee is made from the world’s top speciality grade 100% Arabica coffee beans, which are single origin and direct trade from Brazil, then hand roasted in Whitstable. The result is a fresh and earthy coffee that’s full of flavour.

They have three coffee pod options: Smooth Journey, Funky Camper and Living the Dream, which is a decaf. The Smooth Journey is described as “your daily coffee”, hence the name as it’ll carry you through the day quite nicely. It’s smooth with a lovely hazelnut aroma and a delicious chocolate fudge body that’ll be sure to give you a nice hug first thing. The Funky Camper, meanwhile, is “your curious coffee”. It’s rich with a distinctive sweet taste of Irish cream and mulled winter fruits. Save this one for the weekend I say.

Best of all, since we’re all currently at home, Lost Sheep Coffee are offering free delivery on all orders over £15. Their pods are also compostable and work with Nespresso machines.

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