Knowing thyself is life’s most important task…

…says artist and entrepreneur Laura Grinberga. She strictly believes that in order to live a good life depends on how good our foundations are, and by this she doesn’t refer to such things as what college you attended or what work you’re doing , how much money you make or how many friends you have. Yes, those are important and play important roles in our lives, but what she is indeed referring to is the foundation that moulds our life and the future; The knowledge of oneself. She claims to have found a way to show it visually through her signature style. 

Laura Grinberga at her Hoxton exhibition with Lariot collective

Life is full of ups and downs, turns, unexpected events but that also makes it interesting and fun. If you look at it like that.
She loves to use uneven textures to emphasise the ups and downs, created by dotting her brush against a surface. The dots represent all the circumstances and the environment around us. The viewer is also represented as one of these dots. They are an abstract visualisation of the individual circumstances each one of us has been exposed to in this life. Patterns that repeat, spaces that exist until they are untied, traumas that are transformed into strength and a greater purpose. Everything that resists, persists, that is non-static and transient. She believes it is better to deal with these “edges” and create an adventure park out of these ups and downs similar to the saying “ when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade”. 

This all may sound like a paragraph from some philosopher or psychoanalysts book, but after all it is intended as something to not only read but to reflect on. 

Laura is renowned for her beautiful textured modern pieces

In some paintings she uses fluorescent bright spray paint colours, while others she leaves monochrome. One of her new works includes painting on glass and plexiglass, creating transparency, and merging the work with the environment. This is a subtle way to show how the invisible external things of life are tied into ours even if they don’t belong there but become a part of life until taken out.. 

Her inspiration comes from observing her own life as well as those around her and people whose life stories she knows. 

Laura with her film producer partner Jason Owolabi

Laura Grinberga was born Latvian to a mother painter, father engineer in a theatre and a grandmother amateur painter and sculptor. As a kid she planned to become a diplomat but after realising that she needed more freedom and more visual creativity around her, she studied logistics of business and transportation with an idea to build her own company one day. She tried different works in the office- a RE agent, a press secretary, a volunteer at NGO, import manager when she finally decided after her graduation to take a leap of faith and move to Italy the Mecca of visual arts, architecture, cuisine and fashion. She started modelling career which gave her the time and support to explore and develop her artistic style, write notes on her observations and people’s research. It helped her expand a unique sense of taste in fashion and finally recently bring to fruition her solely curated project mixing both fashion and art and launching a limited edition capsule of Art pocket squares that are made in Italy from pure silk fashioned from her original paintings and limited to only 100 pieces each model. 

From time to time she drops a capsule of original gorgeous hand painted items, that varies from t-shirts, summer shopper bags to glass vases etc. To follow her artistic footsteps and know when she organises a pop up events across Europe and in your city, subscribe to her newsletter on Laura’s website and browse her beautiful original artworks. 


Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief