Discover why these two 5* hotels in Cyprus are a favourite with jet setters

From the ancient Greek gods to the luminous blue of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is an island that knows how to captivate. As the sunlit landscapes unfurl, I found myself welcomed into two of the island’s treasures, the Royal Apollonia and the Ivi Mare, both luxurious abodes nestled in the Louis Hotels’ collection.

Plush bedrooms at the Royal Apollonia

Located in Limassol, the Royal Apollonia is an upscale sanctuary that evokes a sense of tranquillity and elegance. Our experience began with the warmest of welcomes as we checked into a suite that was an oasis of relaxation. The room was a symphony of luxury and comfort, with tasteful decor that reflected subtle hints of Cypriot charm. The plush king-sized bed, soft lighting, and, most importantly, the spacious private terrace were all thoughtfully designed for unwinding after a day of exploration. The balcony offered an unobstructed view of the sapphire Mediterranean, its hypnotic whispers a soothing lullaby as we drifted off to sleep on our first night.

Each of the Royal Apollonia’s restaurants is a testament to their dedication to gastronomic excellence. At the enticing buffet restaurant my wife and I feasted on endless plates of fresh, seasonal salads, grilled fish, roasted meats and traditional Greek dishes such as Moussaka. Desserts were always a happy affair with a variety of puddings and fresh fruit on offer to ensure your meal has a very happy ending.

A visit to the Japanese-themed restaurant on our first night was a revelation. The fusion of fresh, local seafood with time-honoured sushi preparation techniques creating an exciting culinary juxtaposition. Try the prawn tempura and fried chicken bao bun and thank me later.

The Royal Spa, with its mosaic of therapeutic treatments and expert therapists, lulled me into a world of absolute tranquillity. The signature hot stone massage, with its magical, stress-melting prowess, was my personal favourite. Afterward, a leisurely stroll led me to the golden beach, a private oasis of crystalline waters and powdery sand. The soft lull of the sea, the warmth of the sun on my skin, and the joy of being on a beach that felt worlds away from the bustling crowds made for an indescribable experience.

A mere half-hour drive west from the Royal Apollonia, we found the Ivi Mare, a luxury adult-focused hotel in Paphos. The hotel’s design, an amalgamation of sleek, modern lines and warm Mediterranean colours, made it stand out as an architectural gem.

Our exciting Jacuzzi Suite, was a sanctuary of tranquil luxury. With a neutral colour palette, chic minimalist design, and a plush king-size bed, the room was a delightful fusion of elegance and comfort. The pièce de résistance, the private Jacuzzi on the roomy balcony, overlooked the undulating blue of the Mediterranean, providing a perfect setting for evening relaxation under the cloudless Cypriot sky.

The moment I contemplated “missing” my flight.

Dining at the Ivi Mare was an unforgettable journey through gourmet flavours. The hotel’s main restaurant served a variety of authentic Greek dishes, each morsel perfectly encapsulating the essence of the Mediterranean. There was also another Japanese restaurant with a tempting selection of sushi dishes and other Japanese favourites. The prawn tempura is a dish I’ll long remember.

Breakfast and lunch at the main restaurant’s buffet was always a joy – freshly squeezed juices, eggs made anyway you like, cereals, fresh bread, fruit, cheeses and more was always on offer and no request was too difficult for the staff to assist with. The restaurant manager even went to a local shop to buy me water in a glass bottle after the diva in my told him I avoid plastic bottles. Google BPA and you’ll understand…

The retreat to the Ivi Mare’s spa, The Haven, was a sensory experience. The spa’s tranquil ambiance, coupled with the expert hands of the therapists, transported me to a state of blissful relaxation. The revitalizing seaweed wrap, infused with the goodness of the Mediterranean, left my skin feeling nourished and refreshed.

The hotel’s proximity to the sandy beach offered an ideal locale for beach lovers. The serene strip of beach, complete with azure waters and golden sand, was a haven of tranquillity. Listening to the sea’s rhythmic song while reclining on a plush sunbed marked the perfect end to my day.

Both the Royal Apollonia and the Ivi Mare excel in offering guests a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and exquisite dining, all backed by Louis Hotels’ outstanding hospitality. But each has its unique charm: Royal Apollonia’s family-friendly allure and a wider selection of global cuisine, or Ivi Mare’s adults-only sophistication and the seductive allure of beachfront beauty. Whichever you choose, one thing is certain: a stay in either hotel will leave you blissfuly rejuvenated and ready to book the whole experience over all over again.

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief