A not so dry ‘Ginuary’ comes to London’s most eclectic Italian restaurant

Chic Italian restaurant, TOZI shunned Dry January in style by hosting an unashamedly boozy gin tasting event on the 18th January. Aptly named Ginuary, the party involved an exclusive gin tasting session and speeches from renowned gin makers, Roby Marton to get Londoners in the mood for a gin-fueled evening of pomp and merriment.

Nestled a stones throw away from Victoria Station, TOZI is an elegant Italian restaurant and bar famed for its Venetian cicchetti (sharing plates) and fine Italian cheeses. Their signature Gin Mule cocktails were merrily consumed by detox-loathing guests alongside seeded crackers topped with slivers of lightly spiced blue cheese – aged in gin of course.

Photo credit: Paul Winch-Furness

Maurilio Molteni, TOZI’s Head Chef, was born in the Lake Como area, and has spent 5 years running Italian restaurants in some of London’s most exclusive private member’s clubs, including Shoreditch House. He was busy in the kitchen on the night, preparing vibrant dishes of Italian food for a restaurant heaving with hungry London diners.

The Italian gin brand Roby Marton, known for their smooth, clean spirits infused with with juniper and ginger were on hand to make zesty gin cocktails. After knocking back a couple, we were hooked and successfully managed to block out feelings of residual Dry January guilt. 

As the DJ spun a selection of the latest sultry deep house and latino tracks, the party started to heave with the enthusiasm of a thousand school children finally being let out after a lengthly detention session.

We left with a sprightly spring in our step and a punchy cocktail recipe. Dry January can sod off.


 Italian Mule

  • 5cl of Marton’s gin
  • 12cl of pimento infused ginger beer
  • 5cl of Marton’s gin
  • 0.5cl of fresh lime juice
  • Fill a classic copper mule cup with ice cubes. Mix in the gin and ginger beer, then add in the lime before stirring. Serve with a curl of lime.

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief