Enjoy the last weeks of summer at The Sloane Club’s roof terrace and Sloane Place Restaurant

On those rare sunlit afternoons in London, the pursuit of an alfresco experience becomes the city’s collective mantra. The Sloane Club‘s Roof Terrace, famed for its lush foliage and prime location, elevates this year’s summer experience by partnering with the illustrious Whispering Angel rosé for a series of delightful pop-ups throughout July and August. Imagine lounging under London’s pristine blue skies, a glass of crisp rosé in hand, as the lively hum of conversation fills the air.

As if this isn’t enough, The Club’s Chefs have curated a delectable menu that effortlessly intertwines British summer favourites with exotic influences, like the aromatic lemongrass chicken burger and a seafood basil risotto rich with native lobster and Devon crab. Enhancing the ambiance are London’s independent artists, gracing the Roof Terrace every Friday and Sunday. Their captivating performances further solidify the Terrace’s reputation as *the* summer destination. In the very heart of Chelsea, Sloane Place Restaurant remains an emblem of the neighbourhood’s timeless charm.

This season, the establishment has unveiled set menus that perfectly encapsulate the essence of summer. Dishes span from a refreshing Gazpacho and Watermelon-Goat Cheese Salad to indulgent mains such as Seafood Linguine and a mouthwatering Cumin & Chilli Roasted Lamb Loin. The meticulous thought invested in the menu is evident. Even the price points – £29.50 for two courses and £34.50 for three, both paired with a Bellini – offer a gateway to luxury dining without the hefty price tag. While the Roof Terrace and Sloane Place Restaurant promise gastronomic joy, the Sloane Club holds another gem that art aficionados mustn’t miss.

The Sloane Club and Sloane Place are elated to introduce Raine Storey as their inaugural artist-in-residence, collaborating with the revered ARX Gallery in Knightsbridge. Storey, a Canadian artist, is working on a compelling project throughout the summer. Situated in The Club’s front garden terrace, she’s sculpting a piece of Italian stone, embracing the paragone debate – a centuries-old discussion between the virtues of painting versus sculpture. Delving deep into the minds of Renaissance masters like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, Storey’s artwork seeks to contribute her unique perspective to this enduring artistic conversation.

The Sloane Club’s commitment to championing women artists remains unwavering, and Storey’s inclusion further highlights this dedication. As you witness the artistry of Storey’s work, it’s only fitting to later find solace in the Roof Terrace, with Whispering Angel’s rosé painting your palate, or perhaps to dive into the sumptuous offerings of Sloane Place Restaurant. For those visiting from afar, Sloane Place houses a boutique hotel, offering 27 exquisitely designed rooms for guests. Starting from £200 on a B&B basis, it is the perfect base to explore Chelsea’s delights.

The Sloane Club’s Roof Terrace and Sloane Place Restaurant undeniably represent the epitome of Chelsea’s elegance. From glorious dining experiences to exquisite art in motion, they offer an embrace of London summer that’s impossible to resist. Whether you’re a long-time local or a transient visitor, these venues promise a summer of unforgettable moments.

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief