British comfort food with an exotic twist

The Arch London is one of those rare hidden gems that begs to be found. Nestled within the stylish streets of Marylebone, this chic luxury hotel boats a hubbub of elegant rooms and suites, classic regal furnishing and a sexy restaurant known as Hunter 486 – serving the kind of food that makes you forget the stresses of the day.

I went along after a particularly troublesome day with my favourite PR buddy Sarah, who looks after a plethora of high end hotel and restaurant clients – and has impeccable taste as a result.

Luckily, Sarah, with all her refined foodie tastes and expectations, was completely bowled over by the culinary offerings presented to us that evening – as was I.

Named after the 1950’s dialling code, Hunter 486 is a striking slice of urban escapism and features an alluring bar, complete with extravagant chandeliers and original designer chairs by Tom Dixon.

Image: The Arch London
Image: The Arch London

The ‘Best of British” inspired fusion menu boasts a range of classic comfort food style dishes such as beer battered fish and chips and hearty steaks to sink your teeth into.

After nursing a couple of glasses of fine wine and catching up on snippets of all-important gossip, we devoured our exceptionally presented starters. Sarah’s ham hock and sage croquettes disappeared rather rapidly whilst my dainty dish of dressed Dorset crab, avocado and pink Grapefruit was a true conversation stopper. We dined in silence making occasional, slightly obscene noises.

A main involving a hefty rack of lamb arrived sitting beside a bountiful bed of crushed potatoes and baby vegetables. This dish brought me ludicrous amounts of joy, but it was a simple side dish of emerald green spinach that stole the show with its mellow, yet soul-soothingly earthy flavour.

Sarah’s ‘Rose County’, 28 day aged flat iron steak was also pleasing, judging by the “cant talk. Eating” look on her face, but it was the unique and colourful puddings that ended the evening in one big, bad sugary finale.

A chocolate fondant naughtily made its way to the table, positioned shamelessly next to a generous dollop of salted caramel ice cream. A delicious, yet ‘safe’ addition to the menu we thought, as how wrong can you go with a dish featuring the words ‘chocolate’ and ‘salted caramel’ these days?

Image: The Arch London
Image: The Arch London

The refreshingly exotic mascarpone sorbet, surrounded lavishly with chunks of orange, pomegranate, toasted almonds and blossom water was a true Middle Eastern party in my mouth, conjuring up forgotten childhood memories of long hot summers spent in Iran.

Go with a food lover and prepare to tip generously…

Hunter 486 at The Arch London, 50 Great Cumberland Place, Marylebone, London W1H 7FD

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief