Put your best face forward with Regents Park Aesthetics

As the naughty hands of time tick away, we may start to notice the troublesome tell tell signs of ageing ravaging our baby smooth skin.

Crows feet, fine lines, uneven pigmentation and loss of volume in our once picture perfect plump faces can make a few of us feel rather meh when we look in the mirror every morning or when we catch a glimpse of a dodge photo of us taken by an annoying friend from an unflattering angle.

If you’re the ‘grow old gracefully,’ grow your own organic veg type, good for you I say. Celebrate the scars that tell a story, those smile lines formed from years of belly laughs with your best friends and witty lovers. Worship the stretch marks and emergence of flab formed by carrying a tiny human in your tummy. Rejoice in being the inimitable, untouched version of you. If, on the other hand you subscribe to the philosophy of giving nature a helping hand and growing old fabulously, I say book yourself into a trusted aesthetics clinic and plump away my friend. Smooth away those fierce frown lines and zap the life out of the pesky acne scars of your youth. The haters can sod off.

One of my favourite beauty boosting clinics is the chic Regents Park Aesthetics – neatly nestled away in London’s elegant Wimpole Street.

An award-winning, nurse-led clinic, with a team of medically qualified aesthetic experts providing professional, friendly and honest service, Regents Park Aesthetics is the place to go to achieve the results you seek.

The consultations are welcoming and informative, allowing you to carefully decide which treatment best suits your needs and to ask as many annoying questions as your heart desires. The clinic offers a wide range of injectable and non-injectable face and body treatments to help rejuvenate your appearance and give you a more confident strut in your stride.

The range of treatments available at this city beauty haven include Botox anti-ageing injections, dermal fillers, microneedling and mesotherapy, 3D SkinMed HIFU, 3D SkinMed radiofrequency face and body skin tightening, 3D Lipo non-surgical liposuction/fat-freezing, PDO thread lifts, chemical peels, Plexr non-surgical blepharoplasty and innovative Plexr treatments to remove benign skin lesions, acne scars and those embarrassing tattoos you want to pretend never happened.

The owner of Regents Park Aesthetics is an award-winning aesthetic nurse called Kay Greveson who boasts 14 years’ of experience working as a nurse in the NHS. A skilled and qualified independent prescriber, she is well known for her expertise in advanced aesthetic technique and is often visited by a wide range of high end and celebrity clients in search of the perfect pout or Insta-friendly smooth skin.

Respected media doctor with over 7 years of expertise, Dr Maryam Osmani is also a regular fixture at the clinic and offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments to help clients achieve the results they crave. She is skilled at administering anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, lip enhancements, hyperhidrosis and skin pigmentation treatments.

Worried about ending up with a scary frozen face or the dreaded trout pout? Seeking a visible but natural look? Regent Park Aesthetics is the place to visit.

Get ready to delete those silly face tuning apps…

Regents Park Aesthetics clinics can also be found in Regents Park, Essex, Watford and Milton Keynes.

Mitra Wicks

Editor in Chief