China takes the global lead in Artificial Intelligence with SEED AWARD

An initiative borne out of China, SEED AWARD takes the greatest global minds trying to better human life and the world; similar to the Davos conference but awarding young minds for their brilliant ideas.

This year’s other semi-finals were held in Silicon Valley, California and Guangzhou, in southern China. On Thursday 5th September 2019 at the Royal Society of Arts in London, SEED AWARD will host its European Semi-Finals. 

Hosting the event will be Jianwei Luo, Co-president of Seedland and Qiong Wu, CMO of Seedland Group, head of SEED AWARD Organizing Committee. 

Qiong Wu

Launched by Seedland Group, SEED AWARD is the world’s first creativity award that highlights the integration of technology and everyday life, with the aim to reward, encourage and inspire those who have passion of life and innovative ideas, and are willing to apply the power of technology to create a better life.

Semi-finalists include an early warning earthquake detector, a gene editing technology to extend a dog’s life (which will later be planned to use on the human body), real-time traffic data to provide recommended routes for third world countries, and a system that turns pedestrian traffic into off-grid electrical energy and data.

Jianwei Luo

With the rise of AI, big data and IoT, the power of technology is enabling people to transform their way of life in areas of clothing, food, housing, and transportation. It is the belief of Seedland that technology will offer people more freedom and liberation. By launching SEED AWARD, Seedland is inviting more innovative minds to join the journey to build up better lives through technology and explore ways to transform the world we live in.

As the world’s first creativity award to explore life with technology, SEED AWARD is committed to building a platform that integrates technology and everyday life.

SEED AWARD is looking for ideas that are innovative, practical, inspiring and have the power to change human life and behaviour. Entries that are departed from real life, not technologically practices, or not original designs are not eligible for this award.

SEED AWARD is designed to recognize innovative talents who are passionate about life, full of whimsy, and understand the cutting-edge of science. They are identified as creators of beautiful lives.

Seedland’s objective in the next three to five years is not only what kind of house it will build, but also how it will make a great contribution to society by leveraging the power of technology and innovative human beings from a long-term perspective.

SEED AWARD advocates innovative people to pursue sustainable development while creating a better life.

We interviewed the Co-President Jianwei Luo and the CMO Qiong Wu to find out more about their background and where they are taking SEED:

Q1: Describe your business in one line – SEEDLAND and the Seed Awards? 

  • SEEDLAND was founded in Guangzhou in 2006, as the top 100 real estate development enterprises in China. SEEDLAND has now grown into a comprehensive company providing whole lifecycle smart life solutions. At present, the company mainly focuses on real estate development and Smart Life System (SLS)technology R&D, providing smart life services including home, community and city for Chinese consumers.
  • SEEDAWARD: It is the world’s first creativity award that highlights the integration between technologies and everyday life, with the aim of discovering, encouraging and inspiring those who have a passion of life and are willing to embrace innovative ideas. Life is like a seed.

Q2: How is the real estate business scale of SEEDLAND currently? What are the well-known projects? Is there a commercial real estate project?

  • SEEDLAND’s overall layout strategic of real estate business is “rooting in South China and covering the whole China”.
  • SEEDLAND’s real estate projects now cover the six most promising urban agglomerations in China including South China, East China, North China, Central China and Hainan Province.
  • In addition to first-tier cities like Shenzhen and Guangzhou, the real estate projects of SEED LAND also cover New first-tier cities such as Chengdu and Chongqing.
  • SEEDLAND Group has got 13 pieces of high-quality lands only in the year of 2018, and the development projects covered 26 cities in China.
  • Representative real estate projects of SEEDLAND Group: IVY Guangzhou, ROSE INTERNATIONAL Guangzhou and House of Begonia Sanya.
  • In multiple international awards of real estate R&D and design, SEEDLAND’s House of Begonia in Sanya has been awarded the Italian A ‘Design Award Golden Prize for Indoor Space and Exhibition”, interpreting the human living experience in the new era.
  • Adhering to the concept of top-quality in development real estate projects, SEEDLAND Group embraces same high standard when selecting partners of commercial property.
  • SEEDLAND Group has taken over the Greater China’s first Waldorf brand Resort Hotel (Begonia Bay in Sanya), which is expected to officially open in 2021.

Q3: How about the development of SEEDLAND? And how much is the revenue?

In recent years, SEEDLAND has achieved steady growth while developing rapidly. 

  • In terms of sales, the performance of SEEDLAND increased steadily from 2016 to 2018, with a compound growth rate of 58.2%. And a compound growth rate of over 150% during 2015 and 2018. From 2016 to 2018, the compound growth rate of sales area reached 30.1%. 
  • In 2018 alone, SEEDLAND had 3 real estate projects, the unit sales of which were all over 3 billion RMB.
  • SEEDLAND Group’s total assets rose by 17.4% year on year. Its net assets in 2018 was 1.76 billion yuan, soared by 51.2% from the year. The compound growth rate of net assets was 243.3% in last 3 years (2016-2018).
  •  The compound growth rate of SEEDLAND’s revenue and net profits were 76.1% and 168.8% respectively between 2016-2018.

Q4 SEEDLAND has hosted SEED AWARD overseas this time. Does the company have overseas business currently? Can you introduce the future plan of SEEDLAND’s development?        

  • The exploitation of real estate business has strong regional characteristics. At present, SEEDLAND does not have such business overseas. 
  • Since its establishment, SEEDLAND has taken technology as its core, and has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in R&D. Now it has grown into a comprehensive company providing whole lifecycle smart life solutions.
  • SEEDLAND hopes to improve the quality of the whole city’s living experience, through the realization of smart life. In this regard, SEEDLAND is open-minded.
  • SEEDLAND has been dedicated to the development of life products and solutions by applying innovative technologies, redefining the relationships about the people and the living space by linking the technology with the people.

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief