Chlobo – boho chic jewellery for free-spirited travellers

I am a self-confessed travel addict. For years now, I have wandered to various nooks and crannies of the globe, explored a frenzied myriad of colourful cultures, sampled exotic foods, mingled with perma-tanned travellers on sandy beaches, and got into the habit of collecting hippy-esque bracelets from quaint tourist shops lining dusty warm streets.

My obsession started in Ibiza during a sun-drenched visit to Sunset Ashram – the bohemian beach club frequented by pleasure-seeking Europeans with a penchant for epic sunsets, lobster platters and ice cold beer. On a sweltering hot day after a relaxed seafood lunch with some of my favourite people, I wandered to the on-site boutique and was immediately enamoured with the selection of ornate cotton bracelets – many featuring precious stones, Middle Eastern hand of Fatimas and ancient Vedic symbols.

I bought three, and since that day, I’ve collected a different bracelet from every country I’ve visited, including Thailand, Iran, Turkey, Greece and Bali – where admittedly I got carried away and bought a ridiculous number of bracelets, each boasting unique adornments of a somewhat mystical nature.

Since that memorable trip, the wear and tear of daily life sadly turned my jewellery collection into tattered shreds, and I always yearned for more permanent versions of these eclectic travel mementos.

Sultry model wearing Chlobo Jewellery

It was during a long, lazy lunch at the exclusive Mandrake Hotel in London’s West End, where I was introduced to Chloe – a fellow travel-lover with a fondness for bohemian-style jewellery, who after a trip to Bali at the age of 21, was also inspired by the bracelets and necklaces she saw in this exotic paradise. Except instead of just buying the whole shop and adorning her arms with various trinkets, she decided to make the slightly more sensible (and lucrative) decision of starting her own jewellery company – Chlobo.

So spiritual, so sparkly…

Chloe used the best materials and local iconography from all over the world to inspire her Vedic charm-adorned creations. She was inspired by the warm people of Bali and their culture, as well as their focus on poignant symbolism and the philosophies behind them.

After 13 years, ChloBo is now the jewellery brand beloved by glam jet setters and bling-loving celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Ellie Goulding and Fearne Cotton.

Chloe’s bracelets, pendants and necklaces reminded me of the mythical-style jewellery from my travels – in particular Bali. I had finally found more permanent, longer-lasting replacements for the withered travel jewellery of my travels and her Throat Chakra Bracelet has never left my wrist since.


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Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief