The art of hosting a 7 Star celebratory dinner party

I’ve always loved hosting a good dinner party. the ones where you can dress up, adorn the table with fabulous decor, drink, eat, be merry and banter till the early hours when everyone rolls home with pleasingly full bellies and warm hearts. In the realm of exquisite soirées, creating the perfect luxury celebratory dinner party is an endeavour both rewarding and enriching. It demands a harmonious blend of meticulous planning, premium quality elements, and a touch of creativity that epitomises sophistication. Allow me to take you on a journey of refined indulgence, featuring some of the most esteemed brands that ensure your dinner party is the ultimate 7 Star experience…

For beautiful blooms – Blooming Haus

No seamlessly glamorous dinner party is complete without a glorious blooms adorning the table or even the coffee table where gussets sit and drink before the main event.  Blooming Haus, a connoisseur in the art of floristry and beloved by celebrities, royalty and those with exquisite tastes, create truly stunning floral arrangements. Just as a symphony requires a prelude, Blooming Haus sets an Instagramably chic tone for your dinner with their bespoke floral displays. For my recent birthday dinner party at the exclusive Riviera restaurant, these gorgeous baby pink blooms took pride of place on the dining table and captivated every guest.


For the ultimate celebratory cake – Konditor

Celebratory dinners need a celebratory cake to please sweet-toothed chums and impress all with their tempting magnitude. Renowned German cake brand Konditor, with its unmatched expertise in crafting extraordinary cakes, recently made me a chocolate cake that reminded me of the baked culinary creations of country English kitchens. I also surrounded it by their inimitable chocolate brownies, simply because they are incredible. Each of their decadent cakes embodies not only flavours that tantalise the taste buds but also are made from 100% natural, premium ingredients, so you can rest assured of no nasties gracing your baked goods. From intricately designed wedding cakes to decadent birthday chocolate indulgences, Konditor will ensure your dessert table becomes a showcase of culinary artistry at your next event. Just make sure you order a platter of their iconic brownies – you won’t be disappointed….

For a stylish helping hand in the kitchen: KitchenAid Stoneware and food processor

The heart of any celebration lies in the culinary experiences it offers. KitchenAid, renowned for its culinary appliances, unveils a world of culinary grandeur. From meticulously designed cooking appliances to elegant serving dishes, KitchenAid equips your kitchen and dining area with tools that mirror the essence of luxury and prestige. Imbued with a perfect balance of form and functionality, KitchenAid’s range ensures your gastronomic escapades are elevated to a swanky art form, leaving your guests in awe of both the flavours of your culinary creations and the aesthetics. I am obsessed with their new Stoneware range for cooking and serving temping dishes. Their cast iron cooking pots effectively cook various casseroles, soups and more and even help increase the iron content of meat. I use their cream food processor for super fast blitzing to make chopping and blending sauces a delightfully easy affair. Because who has time to tearfully chop onions and more before your guests arrive?

For the table: Stellar Cookware salt and pepper mills

In the orchestration of a grand banquet, even the smallest elements play a crucial role. Stellar Cookware’s restaurant style salt and pepper mills, with their refined design and impeccable functionality, add a dash of elegance to your dining table. As your guests savour the flavours, the act of seasoning becomes a subtle reminder of the attention to detail that defines a luxurious affair. I love the sleek, yet simple wooden design and ease of use from them both, making them an essential addition to my dining room table when entertaining.

For premium quality grass fed meat: Swaledale

At the heart of a luxurious dinner party lies the pièce de résistance – the food. Elevate your gastronomic journey with the epitome of excellence, Swaledale’s free-range and grass fed meat. Sourced from sustainable Yorkshire farms, their vast range of fine meats are extremely high in quality and are richer in nutrients than meats from grain fed animals. Every bite tells a story of ethical sourcing and culinary mastery, a story that resonates with those who appreciate the finer aspects of life. Their rack of lamb is exceptionally tender and flavoursome for a marvellous main and their subtly spiced lamb merguez sausages are the best I have tried. They make a perfect starter with warmed fluffy flatbread, mustard, ketchup or a creamy aioli sauce.

For the perfect English cheeseboard – Tracklements

Every dinner party should end with a masterpiece of a cheeseboard in my opinion and what better to accompany this than a selection of tempting chutneys? Tracklements have fast become one of Britain’s most popular chutney companies, thanks for their premium, 100% natural ingredients and seriously stylish jars. offer just that. I’m quite obsessed with their exciting special edition English Hedgerow Chutney. Packed with plump damsons grown in Worcestershire, tangy Bramley apples from Kent and blackberries from Scotland, this chutney is beautifully balanced with a careful blend of subtle spices including ginger and nutmeg for an aromatic warmth. The perfect adornment for your show-stopping cheeseboards and also fantastic with cold cuts, smoked fish, pork chops, roast chicken or turkey.

For a glamorous way to serve and store: Hokan Bowls

In the world of fancy dinner party shenanigans, presentation is paramount. Enter Hokan Bowls, vessels of culinary excellence that bridge the gap between functionality and aesthetics. Whether used for cooking, storing, or smugly serving with pride, these elegant bowls look delightful and are ideal for dinner parties where you need your cookware to go straight to the table and then the fridge to store leftovers. There is a range of glorious colours to choose from – our favourite is the classic navy blue.


For when you don’t want to host at home – Riviera

Sometimes, you want a dinner party but the idea of faffing about in the kitchen is just too much to bear. For conundrums like these I usually choose a glamorous London restaurant with great food, picture-perfect aesthetics and a bend over backwards style service so you won’t be disappointed. My restaurant of choice for a recent dinner party (where I was sent my lovely Blooming Haus bouquet) was the glorious Riviera – a beautiful restaurant which ticks all the above in the heart of London’s St. James. This glamorous fine dining establishment is the quintessential choice for a special occasion dinner party. Inspired by the French Riviera, the cuisine is an odyssey of exquisite flavors and artistry thanks to the culinary vision of owners Arian and Alberto Zandi. The meticulously crafted dishes transport you to the sun-kissed Mediterranean coast, while their warm and welcoming staff ensure that your guests will have an evening to remember.

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief