Create hotel-style beds at home with House of Babylon

You know the feeling. Its been a long day frolicking on the beach or exploring the local nightspots during your long-awaited week away. You get back to your hotel loom, weary limbed and sleepy-eyed and slip into the seductively smooth cotton sheets of the plushly made up bed. Your faithful bed back home just doesn’t seem to match up after such an experience. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

As a self-confessed bed-lover, I’ve been on an eternal quest to find the most comfortable bedding my whole adult life. As a travel journalist, I’m always staying in all manner of luxurious beds around the world (in the most wholesome possible way of course), and when I get home I don’t want to suffer from the dreaded bed envy. So, when a friend told me about the ultra chic bed linen company House of Babylon and their high quality, stylish bed sets I was intrigued.

The company uses the finest handpicked Egyptian cotton grown along the banks of the River Nile to make its durable, soft fabric. 100% ethically sourced, the long-staple cotton boasts a 600 thread-count for 5 star hotel quality bedding.

Just moved into a new place and don’t have time to faff about in department stores, trying to find the best bed sets? House of Babylon make an optimum quality Move-in Set, complete with fluffy goose down and feather duvet and pillows, a duvet cover and two pillowcases.

Their various bed sets on offer are elegant and understated – emerald green, modern greys and hotel-style pristine white. Delivery is fast and your luxurious bed bounty arrives in a regal navy box.

Whe I received my delivery, I couldn’t wait to get my bed suitably pimped up. I heard it was best to wash your bedding beforehand, so I popped the set in the wash at 40C (the recommended temperature) before drying it gently in the open air. After fitting my bed with the various covers, I slipped in between the sheets and as delighted at the smooth feel against my skin. I had finally achieved high end hotel bed perfection.

With Valentines Day coming up, I’m tempted to surprise my bedfellow with the height of bed sophistication – hand-sewn, monogrammed bedding. I was happy to discover House of Babylon had partnered up with London’s premier embroidery house since 1767, Hand & Lock, to create swanky monograms on their pillowcases.

A romantic touch or a clever way to remember your name the morning after far too many naughty beverages? Either way I’m sold…


Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief