Eat in to help out your favourite restaurants with Plateaway

The Patty & Bun Burger and Beer Kit is £33 at
The Patty & Bun Burger and Beer Kit is £33 at


One of the best things about being in lockdown this year was seeing how so many restaurants became so innovative. This led to a rise in DIY meal kits, which saw people recreating their favourite dishes from popular restaurants in the comfort of their own kitchen. Plateaway is one of those innovative businesses born out of lockdown. The newly launched meal kit delivery service brings together ingredients from some of the UK’s best-loved restaurants and independents straight to your door. Plateaway therefore gives you the ability to be your own chef whilst creating restaurant quality food.

Patty & Bun

Nick Leigh, co-founder of Plateaway, said: “After a few weeks in lockdown we were all missing life’s simple pleasures like going out to a restaurant for a delicious meal. Having attempted to make the most of home-cooked meals and being ‘adventurous’ in the kitchen with the limited groceries available, we knew there must be an alternative. We decided to reach out to some of our favourite restaurants, not only to satisfy our cravings, but also to support the industry and so, Plateaway was born!”

They launched in July 2020 with an impressive 10 restaurant partners and have continued to grow each week. The best thing is the variety as there are cuisines to suit everyone’s tastes, with vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian and gluten free options all readily available (as well as meaty choices for the carnivores and desserts for the sweet toothed among you). Some of the restaurants working with Plateaway include Patty & Bun, Sushi Dog, Yummy (Plant-Based) and Blondies Kitchen. Each kit features all the ingredients needed to recreate the chosen meal and requires only basic cooking and assembly at home.

Kodawari Ramen

I, for one, am a hopeless cook and even I was able to create a great-tasting, aesthetically pleasing, authentic bowl of Kodawari’s signature ramen. The Smoked Bacon Shoyu Ramen with Sous Vide Chashu Pork took over 100 hours of meticulous preparation and the result allowed me to put the mouthwatering meal kit together in just minutes!

The broth consisted of a superb 7-hour free range chicken chintan (clear stock) with a kombu and katsuobushi dashi, while the seasoning consisted of marinated shiitake mushroom and a blend of three artisanal soy sauces. Meanwhile, the 48-hour marinated and sous vide rolled free range Gloucestershire Old Spot rolled pork belly and a crispy home smoked bacon crumb, with ajitsuke tamago (marinated egg), roasted nori (seaweed sheet), menma (marinated bamboo shoots) and negi (sliced spring onion) were just all so, sooo good.

Bancone Meal Kit

Nick continues: “Although restrictions have now somewhat lifted, we are all getting used to a new way of life. Working alongside these fantastic and innovative businesses is hugely important to us as the hospitality industry is one of the worst effected by COVID-19. We are privileged to be able to bring some extra fun and satisfaction back into people’s homes whilst striving to help restaurants get back on their feet.”

Whether it’s date night, a family meal or a dinner party, the platform offers a collection of exciting cuisines suitable for a wide range of diets, with simplistic meal kits and practical video guides. So, what are you waiting for?

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