From sun-damaged to sun-kissed: reviving my hair with a glaze treatment

After returning from the dazzling Mediterranean sun, I was sunkissed and happy, but the one thing that was in trouble was my hair. When our hair often finds itself in a battle against the elements, particularly in regions like Croatia where the sun’s rays are both beautiful and fierce, it can cause damage. After all, hair too requires protection to maintain its natural lustre and vitality.For me, extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays took a toll on my hair, leaving it susceptible to damage because the sun’s ultraviolet radiation weakened its protein structure, leading to a loss of moisture and essential nutrients. This damage manifests as dryness, brittleness, and a noticeable lack of shine – a stark contrast to the luscious locks we often associate with healthy hair. 

“The most effective method to prevent sun damage is to shield your hair from the sun using a hat if feasible, or by using a hair SPF protection product every time your hair is exposed to the sun or seawater,” explains hair stylist Domenico Casella at Neville Hair & Beauty in London. 

Of course, excessive hair tools and heat to the hair without adequate heat protectant also causes dryness and damage. While it was too late for my hair at that point, I knew I needed a hair transformation to deal with my hair woes. Thanks to the magic of Neville’s salon, I discovered the magical revival of a hair glaze, a remedy designed to infuse new life into my sun-damaged tresses.

Think of a hair glaze as a refreshing spa treatment for your hair. Just like how a facial mask revitalises the skin, a hair glaze covers each strand with a gentle, nurturing embrace. The glaze’s formula is carefully crafted to hydrate and replenish the hair, acting as a moisture-locking barrier against further environmental stressors. Plus, you can select the type of colour you want: I  opted for a subtle espresso colour for a quick shine.

“At Neville we use K18 which is a scientifically formulated treatment designed to mend damaged hair bonds. It’s followed by a protein-infused leave-in mask that works exceptionally well for addressing split ends. I also strongly endorse the herbal treatment using vegetable oils. This serves as another brilliant choice for an all-encompassing hair spa treatment,” Casella added.


The author’s hair post treatment.

As the expert hands of Casella, the glaze’s nourishing ingredients coated my hair’s cuticle, injecting much-needed moisture and vibrancy. The process was like a mini-vacation for my hair, and a much needed chance for hair to recuperate and regain strength. I also got a slight trim to remove any dead, split ends adding volume and an extra bounce to replace its previous flatness.

The results were astounding. My hair, once parched and lacklustre, transformed into a radiant crown of glossy elegance. The glaze breathed life back into each strand, mending the damage caused by the intense sun and my hair regained its suppleness. 

Despite its benefits, a glaze is not a permanent solution. It simply coats strands, rather than penetrating them like hair dye, so glazes usually only last a few weeks depending on how often you wash your hair and what shampoo you use. Still, hair glazes are highly popular and stylish since more people are prioritising hair wellness and incorporating a stricter hair care routine.

“Since the recent transformations of Margot Robbie and Hayley Bieber back to their darker natural base, we are seeing more demand for a more natural colour approach,” adds stylist and founder Limoz Logli. “Clients are moving away from the more dramatic sun kissed face framing and instead requesting deep nourishing treatments, colour glosses and requesting to move closer to their natural base with more subtle face framing and low lights and natural root drags.”

Author’s hair post treatment.

According to Logli, a trend he sees at his salon is an increase in clients  focusing on their hair’s health and looking for fresh colours and cuts for a cleaner, minimal look. But, maintaining the freshness is ideal which is why Logli recommends adding lots of moisture to the hair.

“Always towel dry your hair before using conditioner or a mask. This is going to help you get the most out of your product, rather than the product just being wasted on dripping wet hair. Always use a leave in moisture – hair oils and creams are great, bonus points if it has heat protection in it. If you have a natural wave or movement to your hair – Oribe Moisture and Control is our favourite to deeply moisturise and the Oribe Maximista Spray helps add some volume and texture,” he adds.

My trip to the hair salon and the glaze treatment was an ideal way for me to bring back shine to my strands and get a stylish cut. But, more importantly, it was a reminder that our hair, just like other parts of our body, requires care and attention. 

Similarly, the glaze, like a soothing balm, is an ideal way to provide a shimmering remedy to bring back shine to your strands and remain stylish. 

Pooja Shah

Pooja Shah is a freelance writer and lawyer from NYC now based in London.