Get the best ombre look with Zen Hair extensions

I’ve always admired the quirky yet glam ombre look seen on chic Instagram people and models in glossy magazines, yet I’ve always been wary about trying out such a dramatic hair transformation myself. Until I heard about the highlighted and ombre options of Zen Hair.

Dying my mane has usually resulted in a pouty face of woe after not achieving the colour meticulously explained to the salon hair colourist. Plus, colouring hair usually takes ages, and when your a busy magazine editor mincing from meeting to party to another party – ain’t no body got time for that..

So, when my perfectly groomed friend Neda, who owns the celeb-adored Salon House in Chancery Lane, suggested I try the ombre effect extensions offered by Zen Hair, I was excited to give it a go.

Salon House is regularly frequented by those in search of expert beauty and hair services, including microblading, botox, fillers, hair colouring, massages, facials, laser treatments, waxing, manicures, pedicures – basically anything fabulously hair and beauty related.

The previous colour of my hair was a very dark brown, so Neda suggested I choose three packs of Zen Hair in Col 30.33.31 – a subtly highlighted blend of dark and golden brown locks.

Zen Hair is the only hair extension supplier Salon House uses due to the high quality and durability of their product. I’ve tried their hair extensions before and was also impressed at how long they remained glossy and soft.

My day at the stylish, yet vibrant Salon House began with a hot cup of sweet tea and a welcoming smile from my hair extension technician. I chose the tape method of extensions by Zen Hair – which are quick and discreet to apply. They were delivered promptly the very next day (perfect as I was flying to Ibiza the day after in true last minute ethnic fashion).

After washing, conditioning and drying my hair, the Zen Hair extensions were effortlessly applied in approximately 45 minutes, with no pain or discomfort.

As I looked at my eclectic new look in the mirror, I was at first taken aback at its zany effect, yet quickly grew to love my daring new look. The hair was glossy and felt silky-soft to the touch – a far cry from the straw-like, wispy extensions I had tried in my younger years.

Its been two months since I had my Zen Hair extensions applied and after three holidays involving diving from heady heights into salty sea-water, swimming in chlorine-riddled pools and basking under the 40C heat of the Arabian sun, they are still looking  as fabulous as the day I had them applied.

Before with a darker monotone look

After with Zen Hair extensions for a subtle ombre/highlighted look

This last photo was taken just 2 days ago – 2 months after my hair extension application at Salon House.


Visit Zen Hair and Salon House for more information on creating your own exciting hair makeover. 

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief