Introducing Bow Bar, West London’s coolest new cocktail bar

Bow Bar is a new destination bar bringing the East End’s creative dynamism to West London. East London has long been renowned for its eclectic design, gastronomic-innovation, trend-setting philosophy and vibrant atmosphere. Now West London has its own destination spot boasting a range of creative cocktails.


The innovative duo behind Bow Bar’s unique cocktail offerings is Pietro Fania and Francesco Betti. Both have crafted an ever-changing, seasonal, creative mixology menu, featuring artistic, decorative and complex cocktails with stunning visual presentation to satisfy all senses.

Francesco and Pietro endeavour to provide an educational experience at the bar, taking time to converse with customers and create their perfect mixology mix – always on-hand for recommendations that take customers out of their comfort zone, with surprising and delightful results.

East Meets West

Bow Bar is a vibrant space that serves late-afternoon and night-time drinks, including high-quality spirits and East London crafted beers. You’ll also find shareable small plates made with British ingredients, including the East End’s iconic jellied eels (not one to be missed).

The venue takes residence inside the flagship Hilton London Metropole hotel on the Edgware Road and hosts an array of DJs from Thursday – Saturday.

No respectable East London bar would be without a gin selection and Bow Bar is no exception. London’s age-old love affair with the spirit is encapsulated in Bow Bar’s very own 225 Gin. Blended and bottled in the capital, every drop encapsulates Bow Bar’s unique and incomparable essence. Guests will want to take a bottle, or two, home from Bow Bar (which is the only stockist in London).

Walking in, you’ll be met with a dramatic central bar, sleek copper menus and warm lighting. The décor is brought to life with lively commissioned artwork inspired by Bow, Columbia Road Market and East London in general – all created by local resident, Olha Pryymaak.

Bow Bar’s name references the Bow bells of London; to be a true Londoner, one must have been born within the sound of these East London church bells. This spirit of authenticity and East London’s daring soul and strong character can be tasted in each sip of the bar’s innovative cocktails, expertly crafted by the team’s imaginative mixologists, who take centre stage.

Bow Bar is sustainability-focused. Each uniform is made from fully recyclable materials. Herbs and garnishes are grown in an inside garden on the bar, compostable straws made of agave adorn the drinks and careful management of water filtration is considered.


We love the Columbia Road Martini at Bow Bar because as well as tasting great, it is visually stunning. Made with Roku Japanese Gin, Grey Goose Vodka, Middle-East Rose Infusion, Redchurch Pale Ale Reduction, Wild Foragers Liqueur and Apple Malic Acid, we think this could well be one London’s most photogenic cocktail creations.

The aptly named Bee’s Knees is another favourite. Hendrick’s Lunar Gin, Bee Pollen Infusion, Pappa Reale, Citruses Husks Shrub, Wild Chestnut Honey, Citric Acid and Electric Bitters lend to a gorgeous concoction.

Blinker pays homage to East London’s street art and is created with Macallan 12 Sherry Oak Cask, Fresh Berries Compote, French Forrest Wild Berries Liqueur, Freshly Squeezed, Lemon Juice and Raspberry Coating.

These are just some of the highlights. The entire menu of drinks is bold, original and complex – much like the city of London. Bow Bar is sure to become West London’s hottest attraction this summer and we will certainly be revisiting. Catch us there for a Columbia Road Martini soon!

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