MNKY HSE gets menacing this Halloween

Nestled within the sultry streets of Mayfair resides the seductive bar, restaurant and club quirkily known as MNKY HSE. This alluring nightspot is luring London’s most beautiful, fun-loving frolickers through its sleek doors, night after night.

Gone are the days of mincing from restaurant to bar, to club in the rain whilst slightly hammered, wearing sky high Louboutins and a mane of rapidly frizzing hair.  Londoners are now embracing a brand spanking new kind of nightlife where they eat, people watch and party all in one fabulous, boldly bedazzled venue. And MNKY HSE is one of them.

Instagram-friendly decor

Embracing the revered Latin American-tinted dining and dancing concept, this urban social haven is spread between two decadent floors and features a lavish lounge bar area  laced in electric tones and iridescent decorations. The next sub-layer of lush is the basement main bar and restaurant.  MKNY HSE’s sexy deep house music and enigmatic cuisine would make even the hardest to please Latin Americans beam with pride.

The restaurant’s renowned Chef, Pablo Peñalosa Nájera, has done us all a favour by delivering an exciting menu that caters to all palettes.

We visited for a beloved buddy’s birthday and gorged on sharing plates of slow cooked lamb, yellowtail tostadas infused with chilli and coriander, beef brisket tacos and melt-in-the-mouth octopus.

Decisions, decisions…

The Passion Fruit Coupe cocktail is a must have (think porn star Martini with more pazazz) and the Candy Clover Club is an essential tipple, consisting of Tanqueray Ten Gin, fresh raspberries, lemon juice, egg white and a decadent dusting of rose dust.

The waiters at MNKY HSE are specially trained in the art of conjuring up the atmosphere of Fun Times. We experienced private dances as meat was expertly removed from the bone at the table, a gleeful merry hooha when the birthday cake was brought out and lots of free shots and randomly appearing glasses of vintage champagne.

Where the party at?

The DJ spun the sexiest deep house at a booth adorned with masses of white candles, whilst waiters encouraged diners to work off those calories by shaking their hips on the dance floor. At one point a massive flame engulfed the DJ area – but this was all part of the entertainment, and we loved it.

If you’re seeking a colourful, captivating experience with culinary excellence and a chance to let your hair, tensed shoulders and stress levels down, MNKY HSE is without a doubt, the place to go. Well heeled gentlemen and lavishly dressed ladies with a taste for the finer things in life will appreciate the meticulous attention to detail, the sensually overt rhythm of Latin America, luxurious décor and party shenanigans.

That’s one creepy looking crab leg…

Fancy dress lovers will be pleased to discover that MNKY HSE will be not just be celebrating Halloween, but a full Halloweek, [26 October – 3rd November], with an especially spooky shindig on Friday 27th October.

Guests will be transported into the dark depths of an ancient Mayan Jungle, filled with twisted vines wrapped around ancient stone pillars and climbing creepers, hanging from the ceiling and snaking sneakily around the DJ booth.

The new upstairs MNKY LNGE will be transformed into a cosmic club house. Think floating MNKY skulls in hovering space helmets, lunar inspired laser projections and views of passing planets and a mystical foreign galaxy.

For those in need of a little dutch courage during the lead to the year’s most hallowed eve, MNKY HSE’s Bar Manager, Javier Escribano, has created a limited edition, ‘Black Moon’ cocktail.  Available for the duration of Halloweek, from both the MNKY LNGE and main restaurant, the deathly drink will be a heady mix of Monkey Shoulder Whiskey, Cherry Heering Liqueur, dark chocolate liqueur, honey, coffee, fresh orange and whisky bitters – terrifyingly tempting…

A full a la carte menu is available throughout Halloweek

On Friday 27th October, warriors and tribes will be summoned to assemble in the Mayan Jungle, for a deadly yet delicious dinner date with DJ Mary Moon. Spinning a spine-tingling soundtrack of bewitching tribal beats and ceremonial deep house, Mary is sure to cast a spell on guests who will be invited to indulge in drinks and dancing long after dinnertime ends until the eerily early hours of the morning.

In keeping with the theme, waiting staff will give guests something to scream about – masked in Mayan Warrior war paint and adorned with ancient tribal garments, so why not join them seeing as fancy dress is compulsory.

Dress to daunt and impress everyone, to death…

MNKY HSE, 10 Dover St, Mayfair, London W1S 4LD

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief