Review: Cap Maison, Saint Lucia

Sublime, serene, and utterly enchanting, Cap Maison is a luxurious boutique hotel perched on a cliff, offering an unparalleled experience in the heart of Saint Lucia. With its stunning blend of colonial architecture, Mediterranean charm, and world-class service, this opulent sanctuary sets the benchmark for indulgence and relaxation. Here, the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea greet you at every turn, while the captivating beauty of nature leaves you utterly spellbound. Cap Maison is more than just a hotel, it’s an experience that beckons with the promise of a truly magical escape.

Upon arrival, you’ll be met with the warm, inviting embrace of Cap Maison’s dedicated staff, whose unbridled commitment to guest satisfaction has earned the hotel numerous accolades. From the moment you step into the sumptuously decorated lobby, you’ll be enveloped in a sense of serenity and sophistication that pervades throughout the entire property.

My favourite original  artwork in our suite

The hotel offers a diverse range of accommodation options, with 49 beautifully appointed rooms, suites, and villas, each boasting captivating views of the lush tropical gardens or the glittering Caribbean Sea. The attention to detail is exquisite, with elegant furnishings, handmade tiles, and local artwork adorning the walls. The result is a space that radiates warmth, style, and character, ensuring a stay that is both unforgettable and uniquely Cap Maison.

Our kind of hotel location…

Our suite was one of the largest we had ever encountered in our many years of travelling, and boasted an azure private pool and inviting outdoor patio aeea complete with plush furnishings – perfect for laying back with a rum cocktail and watching the stars on a balmy St Lucian night.

Guests can choose from two exquisite dining options, each offering an extraordinary culinary experience. The Cliff at Cap, the hotel’s award-winning restaurant, serves up a delectable fusion of French-Caribbean cuisine, using only the freshest local ingredients. As the name suggests, the restaurant is perched on a cliff, offering unparalleled views of the surrounding seascape. With its mouthwatering menu and awe-inspiring location, a meal at The Cliff at Cap is a truly memorable experience.

As we arrived late, we had the luxury of being served our dinner on our outside candle lit dining table and devoured the plates of traditional st Lucian dishes presented to us by a delightfully friendly member of staff. The jerk chicken skewers were perfectly seasoned and tender and we adored the grilled snapper before ending the evening with a playful yet pleasing banana split.

Midnight feasts with a view

For a more casual dining experience, the Naked Fisherman Beach Bar & Grill, nestled on the pristine shores of Smugglers Cove, offers an enticing selection of seafood, grilled meats, and local dishes. Here, you can dine with your toes in the sand while the gentle waves of the Caribbean lap at your feet. This laid-back eatery is perfect for a lazy lunch or a romantic dinner under the stars.

One of Cap Maison’s most enticing features is its unique access to the secluded, picture-perfect Smugglers Cove Beach. This idyllic, palm-fringed paradise is a sanctuary of tranquility, offering guests the ultimate escape from the stresses of everyday life. With its powdery white sands and crystalline waters, Smugglers Cove is the quintessential Caribbean beach experience.

One of the most remarkable experiences at Cap Maison is the bespoke Rock Maison, a private wooden deck suspended above the sea, accessible only by a wooden staircase. Here, couples can indulge in an intimate dinner under the stars, complete with a zipline Champagne delivery service. This once-in-a-lifetime experience epitomizes the romance and enchantment that Cap Maison is renowned for, making it the perfect setting for proposals, anniversaries, or simply a magical evening with your loved one.

Rock Maison – where memories are made and moments are treasured…

At the heart of Cap Maison’s commitment to relaxation and rejuvenation is the hotel’s luxurious spa. This serene oasis offers a plethora of indulgent treatments, including massages, facials, and body wraps, all designed to nurture your body and spirit. With its serene ambiance and highly skilled therapists, the Cap Maison Spa is the perfect place to unwind and reconnect with your inner self.

The perfect view to wake up to…

For those seeking a more active vacation, the hotel’s state-of-the-art fitness center and array of watersports offer ample opportunities to get the blood pumping. Guests can also explore the island’s natural beauty through hiking, horseback riding, or ziplining. Golf enthusiasts will be thrilled by the nearby St. Lucia Golf and Country Club, an 18-hole championship course that boasts some of the most breathtaking views in the Caribbean.

The hotel’s dedication to preserving the environment is evident in its various eco-friendly initiatives, such as solar power and energy-efficient lighting. Guests can take part in the hotel’s tree planting program, allowing them to leave a lasting, positive impact on the island. Cap Maison’s commitment to sustainability ensures that the hotel remains in harmony with the natural beauty that surrounds it.

The staircase to beach heaven…

No review of Cap Maison would be complete without mentioning the exceptional level of service provided by the hotel’s staff. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be treated like royalty, with every need anticipated and catered to with the upmost attentiveness. The staff’s genuine warmth and passion for hospitality truly set Cap Maison apart from other luxury resorts. We felt like we were guests at a (very wealthy) family members elegant home.

Cap Maison is a breathtaking oasis that effortlessly blends sophistication, luxury, and natural beauty, creating an unforgettable experience for even the most discerning traveler. Its alluring charm, world-class amenities, and exceptional service make it the ultimate destination for those seeking an indulgent and transformative escape. At Cap Maison, you’ll leave behind the ordinary and embark on a journey that will revive and inspire, creating memories that will last a lifetime, and eye-catching photos that will most probably get numerous instagram likes…

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief