REVIEW: Farzi, Haymarket – the perfect West End restaurant for NYE feasting

As avid food enthusiasts always on the lookout for unique dining experiences, my friend Sunny and I recently found ourselves at Farzi, a culinary haven tucked away in the heart of the city. Known for its innovative take on traditional Indian flavors and global cuisines, Farzi Cafe promised a gastronomic adventure we were eager to embark upon.

From the moment we stepped through the entrance, the ambiance at Farzi set the stage for what would be an unforgettable dining experience. The modern and chic decor, complemented by subtle lighting and contemporary artwork, created an inviting atmosphere. The staff, donned in stylish uniforms, exuded professionalism and warmth, immediately making us feel welcome.

Our culinary journey commenced with the pan grilled scallops bathed in a tantalizing tomato-infused sauce. The presentation alone was a feast for the eyes, with the scallops delicately arranged like culinary artwork. The first bite was a burst of flavours that danced on our palates – the sweetness of the scallops harmoniously melding with the tanginess of the delicate yet powerful sauce. Each morsel was a testament to the chef’s mastery in balancing textures and tastes, leaving us eager for the next course.

Next on the culinary agenda was the spicy crispy cauliflower, a dish that redefined our perception of this humble vegetable. The cauliflower, coated in a perfectly spiced batter and fried to golden perfection, was a crispy delight that managed to be both light and indulgent. The accompanying dipping sauce added a zesty kick, creating a mini party in our mouths that made this dish an instant favourite.

The butter chicken bao buns were a playful twist on a classic Indian dish. The pillowy softness of the bao buns cradled succulent pieces of shredded butter chicken, creating a delightful fusion of textures. The rich, creamy flavors of the butter chicken were elevated by the lightness of the bao, resulting in a dish that seamlessly blended tradition with modernity.

For the main course, we opted for the goat shoulder shawarma biriyani, a dish that promised to be a tantalizing union of Middle Eastern and Indian flavours. The aromatic biriyani was a canvas of fragrant spices, and the tender goat shoulder shawarma added a savory depth to every spoonful. Each bite was a journey through diverse flavour profiles, a testament to Farzi’s commitment to pushing culinary boundaries.

To cap off our culinary expedition, we indulged in the chicken tikka masala – a beloved classic with a Farzi twist. The smoky char of the perfectly grilled chicken tikka, bathed in a luscious masala sauce, was a fitting end to our meal. The robust flavors lingered on our taste buds, leaving us with a sense of satisfaction and culinary appreciation.

What truly set Farzi apart was the impeccable service. The staff’s attentiveness, knowledge of the menu, and genuine passion for the culinary arts added an extra layer of enjoyment to our dining experience. The recommendations were spot-on, and their willingness to engage in conversations about the dishes reflected a commitment to customer satisfaction.

We were also delighted to hear about the restaurant’s exciting NYE shenanigans. Guests will begin the night with the signature Farzi Royale cocktail, a house speciality that sets the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Standout dishes from the special 6-course NYE menu include the tantalising Galouti Pate paired with Sheermal, a contemporary twist on the renowned Galouti kebabs from Lucknow, the flavourful Guinea Fowl Telecherry Pepper Fry, inspired by the culinary traditions of South India, the robust Rajasthani Venison Champaran and the delicately prepared Halibut Pollichitu. An enchanting yet mysterious dessert called Clock After 12 will finish the evening off on a delightfully sweet high.

The six-course menu is £79pp ad for those in a hurry to catch the fireworks, there’s also an Early bird menu available before 7 pm, priced at £55pp.

Our visit to Farzi involved a glorious fusion feast that showcased the culinary prowess of the chefs and the dedication of the staff. From the creative presentation to the harmonious blending of diverse tastes, Farzi succeeded in delivering an exceptional dining experience that left us eager to return for another culinary adventure. This time with looser waistbands…

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief