Shochu Lounge, London

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Shochu Lounge, London

Shochu Lounge, London

Shochu Lounge, London

With a sleek and sexy urban feel, the Shochu Lounge is a buzzing, chic bar serving modern Japanese cocktail creations and distilled Shochu infusions.

Sitting beneath the well-renowned Japanese ROKA restaurant, the Shochu Lounge has long been a gathering spot for city workers and those looking to relax and unwind after a long day out and about.

With various seating arrangements for groups and couples, the intimate lounge area allows for privacy and relaxation, making the experience soothing with a personal touch of elegance. The decor is unique in every sense of the word. Wonderfully striking murals adorn the walls, but the balance of eccentricity and calmness is maintained brilliantly by the use of tropical, dark mahogany wood which emblazons the Lounge, and the low-key lighting only serves to enhance the seductive visual effect.

An entire wall of the Shochu is lined with beautifully designed tanks of the drink itself. Unsurprisingly the Shochu Lounge specialises in creating drinks based around the Shochu, the national spirit drink of Japan, a hard liquor distilled from grains and vegetables. The vodka-like spirit is the key component of virtually all the drinks on the bar menu, making the Shochu cocktails or “Chu-Hai” take centre stage. Like the street vending kiosks of Japan, the Chu-Hai drinks come flavoured with a range of interesting flavour additions and combinations, such as grapefruit, lemon, lime, peach, strawberry, plum and many more.

The fine cocktails are created by the Lounge’s skilled mixologists, all of whom have a talent for cleverly using the Shochu with different mixers and flavour combinations to produce delicious, hand-crafted cocktails to suit an array of different tastes.

Many whose presence grace the Shochu have done so to have an enjoyable drink but also to have a pre-drink, before going upstairs to dine in the award-winning ROKA restaurant. The striking yet informal surroundings in the heart of the city’s media district has something to offer everyone.

The Shochu is the perfect post-work hangout place and equally a relaxed, intimate setting in which to bring a date. It offers an eclectic yet inviting environment to lounge about in comfort, enjoying some speciality Japanese cocktails in gorgeous and truly unique surroundings. Cocktail aficionados and leisurely drinkers alike would be hard-pressed to find a cocktail bar like the Shochu Lounge anywhere else in the city.

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