Silent Waters, Jamaica

Say there comes a time in your life when you can’t quite decide whether to engage in a seaside get-away or a quiet retreat set a top of the greenest of mountains but say you’re also indecisive about whether you want to indulge in Eastern culture or Western and let’s just say that you’d also not mind enjoying the subtle flows of a nearby river. It would only be a dream come true if all of these elements could unify themselves into one pristine location, perfect for the an unsettled soul.

Silent Waters private homes, however seem to do just that, with it being located amongst the forests a top one of the highest mountains of Montego Bay over looking the crystalline waters of the Caribbean sea, whilst gently sitting aside Jamaica’s second largest river. The owners Chet and Eve Perry spent a great deal of time combining modern and typically western architecture with traditional and antique furnishing, collected from all over the globe with many decors manifesting clear Balinese and Eastern influences.

The Guesthouse can accommodate up to 20 guests, that deem it perfect for a small wedding or a family reunion. Activities are plentiful as many golf resorts are within a short distance, as well as horse back riding, tennis, beach resorts and the globally renown water activities in Montego Bay.

There really is something for everyone at Silent Waters and the only thing left for you to chose is whether you’d like to arrive by plane or by helicopter. Because, yes, Silent Waters even has its own heliport.