Top luxury Autumn beauty essentials for glowing skin

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. Once I have gotten over the deep melancholy of grieving the end of summer, I actually begin to look forward it.

I fantasise about walks along country roads framed with amber-leaved trees, I excitedly scour online shopping pages to find my pair of dream autumn boots and become obsessed with all things pumpkin.

I also tend to ponder about the sorry state of my post-summer skin.

Parched, dehydrated Autumn skin is often the result of a long summer of endless sun worshiping, fervent travel escapades and a sudden change in weather. Our tans are gradually fading and our complexions slightly dryer and dull. How exactly do we tackle these concerns?

The answer is good quality, targeted skincare products ideally made with natural and organic ingredients void of hash chemicals – often detrimental to our delicate complexions so should be avoided.

Here’s a sneaky rundown of my essential autumn beauty saviours;

Alteya Organics Gentle Brightening Cleanser £15

Certified organic and sulfate-free, this silky smooth hybrid cleanser washes your face as effectively as a foam cleaner, yet with all the gentleness of a cleansing milk.

Impurities and makeup are removed effortlessly, whilst aloe vera ensures that dead skin cells are exfoliated efficiently.

Drier summer complexions will benefit from the added hyaluronic acid which ensures a much needed boost of hydration.

I loved the natural scent using this product and the fresh, yet comfortable feeling after washing my face – perfect for a refreshing cleanse without stripping essential moisture. I’m also a big fan of Alteya Organics’ Liquid Soap for all over gentle yet invigorating body cleansing.

Lyonsleaf 100% Natural Beauty Balm £14 

This cruelty-free, 100% natural beauty balm works as a nourishing cleanser to remove stubborn traces of make up, and as a nourishing moisturiser for dehydrated post-summer skin.

Foaming cleansers can strip our delicate faces of the essential oils needed for suppleness and proper hydration. This gloriously scented cleansing balm seals in moisture by improving the skin’s barrier, consequently reducing the appearance of fine lines after regular use.

Oily skins can also benefit from this wonder product as it promotes a healthy skin barrier  which keeps spot-causing pathogens out.

I personally noticed much softer and hydrated skin after a couple of weeks use and was particularly enamoured with the plethora of natural nourishing ingredients such as nourishing raw shea butter, softening macadamia nut oil and purifying sage.

Highly recommended by a self confessed beauty product addict for pampering autumn skins in need of extra TLC.

Elixseri Firm Conviction £95

This lifting, contouring and shaping serum is free from chemical nasties and made by a serum-only cosmeceutical brand from Switzerland.

Perfect for tired skins needing a lifting effect, its combination of active botanicals and complexion-boosting ingredients works wonders for faces needing a slight lift.

I noticed an immediate tightening effect upon use and a more contoured look to my face after a month. Who needs a facelift with this skin-saving badboy?

This high tech product uses Swiss alpine crystallised light water to help transport 16% more active ingredients into the skin, as well as marine collagen, which is 3.5 times more hydrating than traditional collagen.

Gardenia meristem concentrate works to improve skin tone and elasticity, maintaining a youthful firmness without the need for needles.

I found it best to wait 5 minutes after applying before layering with my usual moisturiser.

Makeup also smooths on beautifully after using this product.

Kimberley Sayer of London Anti-Oxidant Daily Moisturiser  SPF 30 £28.30

I’ve always been against chemical sunblocks as feel the damage they can do to our skin can be almost as detrimental as sun damage. So I always yelp inside with glee at hearing about another mineral sunscreen product.

This lightweight moisturising fluid is perfect for oily and combination skins and contains mineral sunscreen blockers Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to protect skin from harmful UV radiation.

Its non pore-clogging, non-greasy formula is perfect for anyone who doesn’t like the sticky feel after applying moisturisers and helps create the perfect base for foundation application.

Lemon oil and aloe vera extract detoxifies and refreshes the skin, whilst shea butter and jojoba seed oil help lock in essential moisture needed to hydrate our skin-loving faces.

Love Hemp CBD Infused Face Mask £9.99

The last couple of years have been a bit CBD crazy – from vapes for relaxing at the end of a long hard day, to tinctures to help with anxiety – and now trickling into skincare. CBD oil has an ideal balance of nutrients that nourish and hydrate the skin – so products containing this wonder ingredient are perfect for dehydrated autumn skins.

Love Hemp’s brand spanking new sheet face mask is made with nano-emulsified CBD, TCH-free hemp oil and nourishing plant extracts to promote healthy and glowing skin.

I tried one after a few days worshiping the last of the UK sun when my skin was crying out for some extra TLC. After relaxing for 30 minutes as the cool, moisture-rich mask did its magic, and I noticed more dewy, glowing skin after my home pampering session was over.

A beauty must have for post summer skins.

Albiva ECM Advanced Repair Eye Lift £145

Our delicate eye area is calling out for extra hydration – especially after the long summer months when skin is dryer and in greater need for moisture.

I’ve always been a fan of a good eye cream and Albiva ECM Advanced Repair Eye Lift is one of my favourites.

lightweight yet intensely nourishing, this silky smooth lotion glides on comfortably and leaves a comfortable, hydrated sensation behind.

Containing a powerhouse of skin-beautifying ingredients such as argan oil, squalane and Acmelia flower extract, this exceptional eye cream actually managed to make the fine lines around my eyes less noticeable.

Pricey but very 7 Star Life and very worth it…


Skin Academy Zero Night Cream £15

Our skin regenerates to optimum levels whilst we sleep so it’s advisable to use a richer cream to plump up and rejuvenate complexions as we get that essential shut eye.

Skin Academy’s Zero Night Cream is a deeply moisturising cream containing plenty of skin-reviving ingredients – all natural and vegan too.

Green tea extract, sacha inchi oil and sweet almond oil in particular work to hydrate parched skin cells with essential moisture, helping to create a more dewey, smoother complexion upon waking.

After using this wonder cream which is also reasonably priced, I am officially a Skin Academy convert and have since brought every other product in their range.


Autumn, we’re ready to put our best face forward.







Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief